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Maps of B_Munro

A database of all of the maps created by B_Munro, listed in chronological order by Map Thread.

Map Thread I

Map Thread II

Map Thread III

Map Thread IV

Map Thread V

Map Thread VI

Commie USA



Years of Rice and Salt


New Empire

T'ang Lasts Longer

Really Random

Sung Survive

CoDominium in Development

Texas and the Rest

End of the Cortezian Empire

Byzantine Wank

The Viceroyalty of America

Convergent Byzantium

All Times Possible, World 1

All Times Possible, World 2

Parasite Planet

Assault on Fat Mountain

Isla De California

A Class with Dr. Chang

Virtual Histories Mashup (Map)

Cromwell Not Born

One Thousandth Anniversary (Map)

Republican China Triumphant

Red France (Map)

In a Classical Greek Universe

Toyotomi Japan (AH Travel Guides)

Beyond 30

2000 from 1967, the 1st

2000 from 1967, the 2nd

2000 from 1967, the 3rd

Celts and Latins (Map)

White Russia

The Goat Variations

The Holy City

Ottomans Pushed East

Persia Triumphant

Briefly Habsburg England

North American EU

The Silent Stars Go By

The Resurrections

Napoleonic Irredentism

French North America

Sir John Mandeville's World

Soy La Libertad

Cortez Gets Whacked

Mules in Horses' Harnesses

A Sleep and a Forgetting

The Jupiter Theft (Map)

Global Dispatches


Western States

Cape to Singapore

The Race and the Vulcans

GURPS Gallatin

Vikings in North America

Eastern Christianity

Cthulhu's North America (Map)

Red Germany, White Russia

The Four Thrones


Thande's World

Mongol Revival

The Heirs of Alexandria


Nazi Germany Administration

America-Pacific Front

European Front

Osama's Dream

The Ultimate Weapon

Lest Darkness Fall

Qing-Habsburg Cold War

Draka DeWanked

Athens Triumphant

Multipolar, with Confeds yet

Eastward Ho!

Glass Darkly

No World Wars

Washington & Bolivar


Carlton's Uber Canada

Multiethnic Prussia

Timur Less of an SOB

Saint Simon's World

Fate and the Firelance (Remake)

Never Nemo

Early Flight Makes for Butterflies

French Victory – 7 Years War


No Columbus

Hollow World

Inglorious Basterds

The Fascist Congress

Former HRE

City of Ladies


Spanish Intervention in the Imjin War

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Map Thread XX

Map Thread XXI

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