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ASB Settings

A long-running thread in the Alien Space Bats forum, created by B Munro and specialising in shorter-prose ASB allohistorical scenarios, often accompanied with a snazzy, detailed map of that scenario's/timeline's world.

In typical B Munro fashion, many of the scenarios include a lot of humour, whether dark or full of levity. About half the scenarios are original matters, and the other half are inspired by various existing fiction (obscure or well-known), serving as their source material.

The “ASB Settings” project has gained something of a cult following on over the years, and counts as not only B Munro's magnum opus on the site, but one of the most accomplished collections of short work AH writing and map-making in history so far.


ASB Settings Scenario Index - Click here to see the full overview of Bruce's collection of scenarios to date.

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