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Alternate History Fandom Wiki (ex-wikia)

The biggest AH wiki out there (around 70,000 pages in 2022), and probably as far ahead of its competitors as compared to other fora. Was founded on 26th of January 2005.

This wiki is running on MediaWiki software, which TBH offers many more possibilities than other alternatives - especially the templates, which allow creating the ever so popular infoboxes. Seriously, try it, especially if you'd like to try out writing non-linear TLs, or really have a lot of background material you want to show off. ;-)

Where has the Turtledove Awards, they have the Multiverse Awards (used to be called Stirling Awards, but that was changed in 2021, not sure why).

Has their own version of “On This Day in AH”.

Famous for its Map Games (some of them must have thousands of pages…) and other games.

FH's not allowed there, however. Neither are derivative works. Discussions about politics and religion only in-story.

It has a number of pages about airships, look here.

Max Sinister happens to be an admin there (English and German version) and has migrated his TLs there. Feel free to check out his Chaos timeline, which was featured and awarded - seriously, it's one of the biggest TLs there with about 350 pages. Benkarnell's another admin (English and Latin). So is Marc Pasquin.

For the non-Anglos, it also has sister wikis in Spanish, German, Russian, Portuguese, Polish, and some smaller versions in Chinese, Dutch, French, Italian, Catalan, Latin, Swedish, and Korean. Allegedly, also in Byelorussian, Japanese, Norse and Serbian, but if you try to access those, you'll get error warnings or worse. Feel free to start one in your own language if you're willing to translate the first 20 or so pages.

On's Interwebsite Relations, listed under “Foes”. Hmm. You owe us an explanation.

AH.commers who are users there TLs which were migrated there

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