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Elections in United Socialist States of America my 1914 project/idea thing (with no name yet if it ever will). * denotes a fully fictional person. USSA was established in 1945, with a year of provisional government before elections could be organised. In 1995 USSA was reformed into the American Socialist Federation. The ASF is pretty much a more prosperous, larger and free North Korea. I had already made a list of presidents for USSA and ASF, with footnotes. That post has partially been retconned and the electoral college numbers are almost definitely inaccurate. I can give explanations if needed/asked.

From the same (sort of) timeline as my previous post in this thread.

Presidents of the United Socialist States of America (East America):
0. Earl Browder, CPUSA, 1945, Acting President [1]
1. Norman Thomas, Socialist Party of America (SPA), 1946-1954; def. William Z. Foster, CPUSSA [2]
2. William Z. Foster, CPUSSA, 1954-1958; def. Darlington Hoopes, SPA [3]
3. Benjamin J. Davis Jr., CPUSSA, 1958-1962; def. Gus Tyler, SPA [4]
4. Gus Hall, CPUSSA, 1962-1970 (unopposed) [5]
5. Jarvis Tyner, CPUSSA, 1970-1978; def. Louis Fisher, Socialist Labor Party [6]
6. Angela Davis, CPUSSA, 1978-1986; def. Jules Levin, SLP [7]
7. John Batchell, CPUSSA, 1986-1990; def. James Harris, Socialist Workers Party [8]
8. Eugene Debs Smith, CPUSSA, 1990-1995 (unopposed) (first fictional person in this list) [9]
Presidents of the American Socialist Federation (East America):
9. Eugene Debs Smith, 1995-2005, Communist Party of America (unopposed) [9]
10. Jack Reed Smith, 2005-2016, CPA (unopposed) [10]
11. Albert Inkpin Smith, 2016-Present, CPA (unopposed) [11]

[1] OTL leader of CPUSA. Made acting president of USSA after Britannic Union signs the Mississippi-Ohio Agreement with USA. Largely making those rivers into the borders between USA and USSA (other than State of Ohio being in USSA). Acts as caretaker government until new laws are established and elections can be organized.
[2] OTL presidential candidate from SPA. Won the first and the second elections however the SPA's relative moderateness and Americans wish to be more integrated with the rest of the Socialist World (also Minority votes.) led to Communist victory.
[3] OTL leader of CPUSA. Turned USSA towards a more syndicalist economic model. Darlington Hoopes was an OTL presidential candidate from SPA.
[4] Was an African-American lawyer and CPUSA politician and was in city council of NYC. Becomes the first Black President of any "American" Nation (PSA, USA, USSA). Gus Tyler was a labor unionist and author. SPA mostly dies out as their moderateness is unpopular at the time as tensions grow with USA.
[5] OTL longtime leader of CPUSA. Was president during high tensions with USA. In 1967 USA fought a war against PSA and USSA. US Old Northwest was annexed by USSA. War was ended and USSA was a recognized by the International Concord (UN equivalent) as a Great Power. He would also be the "Man Behind the Man" until Batchell got elected.
[6] Hall's running mate in OTL for 72-76. Administration mostly uneventful. Fisher was OTL presidential candidate for SLP in 72. Socialist Labor Party emerges as a more syndicalist (specifically Marxist-De Leonist) alternative for the more orthodox CPUSA.
[7] Hall's running mate in OTL for 80-84. Administration mostly uneventful other than the detonation of the first East American (USSA) Nuclear Bomb in 1984. First female American president. Levin was OTL presidential candidate for SLP in 76. As UBSC loses influence and power SLP became a less popular alternative to CPUSSA.
[8] More recent OTL leader of CPUSA (2014-2019). One of the few presidents that had only a single term. Administration mostly uneventful but unpopular. Control tightened over the government as socialism grows more unpopular. As SLP lost popularity *Trotskyist SWP rose to replace it.
[9] Named after influential American Socialist Eugene V. Debs (Washington DC was also renamed into Debs, District of De Leon after the foundation of the USSA). As control was tightened by his predecessor he was allowed to run unopposed. Bahamas (and Turks and Caicos) changed from a Britannic Syndicalist Commonwealth into a Socialist State. Reformed the USSA with its 20 States into the American Socialist Federation with its 11 Regions. East America is turned into a full dictatorship.
[10] Named after Journalist and Communist Activist (and also a volunteer in the British March Revolution) Jack Reed. After the death of his father Regions of Michigan and Superior rebel under pro-US leadership. Other rebellions follow soon after. The rebellions were eventually crushed in 8 to 9 years. He dies in 2016 with some suspicions.
[11] Jack R. Smith's son Albert I. Smith becomes the president. He is named after the first leader of the Revolutionary Union of Britain. In order to get some good will with rest of the world after the long civil war and brutal crushing of the rebels the mostly quiet Bahamas would be given to the United Kingdom. The ASF would remain an oppressive dictatorship and Albert I. Smith would become known as a flamboyant and eccentric dictator. There has been small improvements in the lives of regular citizens and extremely limited entering of the pop-culture of the capitalist world into the ASF. (He is basically American Kim Jong Un but named after ITTL Lenin.)
Are you referring to the mainland, or the islands? (South Africa maybe?)
The mainland mostly. Besides Britain, Germany, Norway, and (maybe) Russia*, what other powers might be interested in scrambling for a deglaciated Antarctica? Portugal maybe? Italy? Spain? IDK

*France is already settling Kerguelia

from XKCD.

Not quite sure if this belongs here or in shitposting.
I approve. So much.

In fact, I'm thinking of making a map where it's the world but it's all just South America. New York up there is just Rio de Janeiro with snow. Indonesia full of Caribbean flavor. The Mediterrean is just Super Argentina. Mapuches in the Arctic. Incas in every mountain. The flora, fauna, food, culture, etc. it's copypasted everywhere when appropiate, with little modifications, and nobody questions it. Like a Planet of Hats but everybody loves fútbol and carnavales.
Just cross-posting this WIP because I need some help with this.
You could certainly have it be 'British' but under the dominion of Australia or South Africa, and Peru or the US might have interest in the region. Or you could throw a curve ball and have Italy or Belgium yoink that land for showing they're part of the big kids club
You could certainly have it be 'British' but under the dominion of Australia or South Africa, and Peru or the US might have interest in the region. Or you could throw a curve ball and have Italy or Belgium yoink that land for showing they're part of the big kids club
Might as well take your advice on both. I was going to make the British territory in East Antarctica be part of New Zealand
The United Kingdom of upside-down small South America and Northern smaller adjacent South America: "Am I a joke to you?"
Oh, better idea. Add the Falklands to the map, but only one (in the real position). All the Argentinas claim it and go to war over it. The war is incredibly protracted and confusing because they keep intercepting each other’s communications and can’t parse them.