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Bruce “B” Munro is one of our long-standing American members. He is lauded as one of the best map makers and storytellers on the board. He has become famous for remaking the plots and premises of various existing works of fiction deemed “average”, “lame” or “implausible” into highly detailed and much more realistic one-shot AH scenarios. All of them are accompanied by excellently crafted AH maps of the global situation at one specific historical stage of a given scenario.

Bruce's maps are unique because in technical terms they are very simple and the sort of thing one could do in MSPaint, yet they are so well executed that they are sometimes more impressive than a piece of grand photoshoppery. His trademark snarky sense of humour also comes out in his captions and annotations for them.

His map style has become popular enough that it is widely imitated, and people often refer to taking an older map and "B_Munro-ising it" into his format.

Works and projects

Alternate History Travel Guides: An AH Gazetteer - A showcase of works originally made by him for the Yahoo! Group “Alternate History Travel Guides”.

ASB Settings - The successor to the above, made purely for Started out with only written scenarios, but lately, Bruce has also decided to include maps from time to time, if the scenario would really call for it. See the ASB Settings Scenario Index (courtesy of cyberphoenix001) for a full overview of all scenarios created to date.

Maps of B Munro - Self-explanatory.

Personal website

Bruce's DeviantArt Account - Most AH scenarios he posts on can also be seen there, as well as several others, which are unique to his profile.


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