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Malê Rising

This page serves as a record of all major installments for the Malê Rising timeline by Jonathan Edelstein. The original thread and comments can be read on the forum here.

List of Malê Rising Installments

Installment #1: Paulo Abacar leads Malê soldiers against the Sokoto Caliphate in 1840. (includes flashbacks concerning the original POD)

Installment #1a: Encyclopedic description of the First Sokoto Republic

Installment #2: Analysis of Paulo Abacar, his ideology, and the establishment of the First Sokoto Republic

Installment #3: Paulo Abacar in the aftermath of the conquest of Sokoto

Installment #4: The Sokoto Republic 1840-41

Installment #5: Profile of Sokoto 1842

Installment #6: Islamic spiritual by African-American civil rights marchers

Map #1: Political map of the Sokoto Republic and its neighbors in 1842 by Kaiphranos

Installment #7: Paulo Abacar meets with Captain John Alexander of the British Army.

Installment #8: The Sokoto Republic 1842-45 and other developments in the region

Installment #9: Four 1844 interludes based in London, Ilorin, Desterro, and on the coastline of Lake Chad

Installment #10: The Abacar Affair of 1844-45 in Britain

Installment #11: Interlude, Sokoto 1845

Installment #12: The Sokoto Republic 1846-48 including the election of 1847

Installment #13: The Manumission and Residency Act in North Carolina

Installment #14: Through the Kingdoms of Africa by Karl May

Installment #15: John Alexander visits Sokoto and Timbuktu 1847-48

Installment #16: Lecture concerning industrialization in the First Sokoto Republic

Installment #17: Interlude, Paulo Abacar and his son Usman in 1848

Installment #18: Paulo Abacar publishes Thawra (Revolution)

Installment #19: The British and the Sokoto invade Dahomey

Installment #20: The Battle of Abomey

Installment #21: Succession crisis in the First Sokoto Republic

Installment #22: Senegal

Installment #23: 1852 interludes, Bilali Mahomet of Sapelo Island and Mary Ann, American slave in Pernambuco

Installment #24: The Shehu’s Ghost by Honório Yaji

Installment #25: Sokoto against Adamawa and the Toucouleur

Installment #26: 1852-53, Amilcar Said seizes power, end of the First Sokoto Republic

Installment #27: Usman Abacar leaves for England

Installment #28: Yorubaland

Installment #29: The First Toucouleur War

Installment #30: “Oumar Tall” by Mariama Koité

Installment #31: The Labor Movement in the Sokoto Successor States

Installment #32: The British in Zanzibar

Installment #33: The Sokoto Successor States in the 1850s and the development of Belloism

Installment #34: The Marianada slave rebellion in Brazil

Installment #35: 1858 interludes, Thomas Day in Liberia and Ana Clara in Gabon

Map #2: Political map of West-Central Africa in 1858 by Kaiphranos

Map #3: Expanded political map of West Africa in 1858 by Kaiphranos

Installment #36: Usman Abacar's teenage years in West Dorset

Installment #37: The American Civil War

Installment #38: The Great Rising in South Carolina

Installment #39: Afro-Brazilians in Gabon, Wolof tirailleurs in the New World, and the Toucouleur Empire after Umar Tall

Map #4: South America 1865 (admittedly with a few mistakes)

Installment #40: The Young Ottomans

Installment #41: Usman Abacar in India

Installment #42: Thomas Day in Liberia

Installment #43: East Africa in the 1860s

Installment #44: Post-war South Carolina

Installment #45: “The Gele“ by Zena Sebe Hardy

Installment #46: Religion among the Igbo and the Yoruba and the Return of Usman Abacar

Installment #47: The Second Toucouleur War, Wolof merchants, and the Franco-Prussian War

Installment #48: The Ottoman constitution of 1872 and Belloism in the 1870s

Installment #49: An End and a Beginning

Installment #50: South Africa 1850s to 1870s

Installment #51: East Africa in the 1870s

Installment #52: The Coasters of West Africa

Installment #53: The Making of West African Literature

Installment #54: Expanding British Power in West Africa

Map #5: The Lower Niger in 1878

Installment #55: France, the Toucouleur, and the Congo in the 1870s

Installment #56: 1876 interlude, Chiara and Souleymane in Paris

Installment #57: The War of the Balkan Alliance (aka the Russo-Turkish War of 1877)

Map(s) #6: Post-war maps of Balkans, Caucasus and the Crimea

Installment #58: Grão Pará and Brazil in the 1870s

Installment #59: The Oyo-Company War

Installment #60: Flashman on the Niger

Map(s) #7: Eastern Africa, Southern Africa 1880

Map #8: West Africa, 1880

Installment #61: India and the Great Famine

Installment #62: The Sokoto Successor States in the 1880s

Installment #63: France and the Congo 1881-1885

Map #9: 1880 World Map by B_Munro

Installment #64: Haiti 1877-85

Installment #65: East Africa in the early 1880s

Installment #66: Southern Africa in the early 1880s

Installment #67: The Russian Empire, the Ottoman Empire and Bornu in the early 1880s

Installment #68: The Brussels Conference

Installment #69: Usman Abacar back in England 1887

Installment #70: A suffragist's letter to the Times

Installment #71: Early archeology in Nigeria

Graphic #1: Flag of the Ogeechee Republic by Future8

Installment #72: The War of the Eight Kings in East Africa

Installment #73: The Congo and Ethiopia in the aftermath of the Brussels Conference

Installment #74: Le fleuve des armées (The River of Armies) by Mamadou Camara

Installment #75: The Ottoman Empire 1886-92

Installment #76: The French Empire 1886-92

Installment #77: Brazil and Grão Pará 1880-92

Installment #78: Africans in Britain and West Africa 1886-92

Installment #79: Interlude, Karl May in Berlin 1892

Graphic #2: The Abacar Family Tree 1892

Installment #80: Southern Africa 1886-92

Installment #81: The United States of America in 1892, Part I

Installment #82: “Negro Adventure Novels”

Installment #83: The United States of America in 1892, Part II

Installment #84: Interlude, modern-day South Carolina

Installment #85: Pre-war India and Indonesia

Map #10: Southeast Asia, 1892

Map #11: The Grão-Pará Conflict as of January 1893

Map #12a: Africa, 1892 Map #12b: Africa, 1892, revised Map #12c: Africa, 1892, detextured

Installment #86: The Great War: Causes and Origins

Installment #87: The Boer and the Malê

Installment #88: A tale of two meetings, 1893

Installment #89: Unto the third generation, July 1893

Installment #90: More scenes from the BOGs' first year

Installment #91: Quite a bit on the FAR side

Installment #92: FAR and away, 1893-94

Installment #93: The First Year

Installment #94: War cabinets

Installment #95: Timbuktu June 1894: “My father hated yours, you know,” said Aguibou Tall.

Installment #96: Northern France, April 1894: “I think it should work this time,” said Thierry Niasse.

Installment #97: Grão Pará, May 1894: They didn’t blindfold Stanley, but then again, they didn’t have to.

Installment #98: Sarajevo, June 1894: Merjema heard footsteps and knew that her relief had arrived.

Installment #99: Berlin and Silesia, August 1894: Wilhelm II, King of Prussia and President of the North German Confederation, stabbed his finger down at the map on the table. “Here!”

Installment #100: West Prussia, Belgium and Köln, September 1894: “You have something to tell me, Carl?” asked Brigadier Suvorov

Installment #101: Paris, October 1894: “It looks like we’re planning a war,” Serigne said.

Installment #102: N’Dele, Mutapa and Kigoma, November-December 1894: The settlement at the base of the hill looked like any other Kara market town…

Installment #103: Russians abroad and at home, January 1895: “Idiots!” said Colonel Valentin Mikoyan, and he threw the letter down on his desk.

Installment #104: Phnom Penh, February 1895: It was an English ladye bright

Installment #105: Strangers in strange lands, March 1895: By now, Nazir Ali Hydari’s walk from the barracks to his throne on the waterfront had become a ritual.

Installment #106: Wrapping up the second year, part 1: Peter Moller, The Great War: The Second Year (New York: Academy, 1959)

Installment #107: Wrapping up the second year, part 2 (of 3): Ahmadu Odubogun, Faith and Ferment: The Sahel and Sudan in the Nineteenth Century (Ibadan Univ. Press 2005)

Installment #108: Literary interlude: the war of silence: Ibrahim Abacar, The Silent Ones (1895)

Installment #109: Diane Carroll, Wartime Politics of the Great Powers (Dublin: Trinity, 1975)

Installment #110: East of Tyumen, April 1895: The riders appeared from the darkness: three of them, armed, with rifles glinting in the moonlight.

Installment #111: West and Central Africa, May 1895: It’s never like this in the dime novels, Sanie Carter reflected.

Installment #112: Tehran, June 1895: There were two British consuls in Persia, the nominal one and the real one.

Installment #113: Italy and Piratini, July 1895: “You there!” Captain Alfred Dreyfus shouted.

Installment #114: India, July and August 1895: The orator stood in a square just outside of the Dal Bazaar, amid a gathering crowd.

Installment #115: Grão Pará and New York, April to September 1895: “Before the war,” said Agostinho, “some people called this city the Paris of the Amazon.”

Installment #116: Central Africa, October and November 1895: “Give honor to András Weisz, conqueror of the Sara!” the herald cried…

Installment #117: A Novel: F. George MacDonald, Flashman’s Valley (London: John Barrie, 2001)

Installment #118: Baden, Bavaria and Berlin, December 1895: “Coffee, Captain?” asked Sergeant Dobusch.

Installment #119: Honolulu, New Year’s Eve, 1895: While-you-wait episode.

Installment #120: Bengal, Siberia and Korea, January 1896.

Installment #121: Ile-Ife, February 1896: Another while-you-wait episode.

Installment #122: Congo, Katanga and Zanzibar, February 1896.

Installment #123: Bornu, March 1896: The Battle of Bornu.

Installment #124: Year 3 summary, part 1 of 2

Installment #125: Year 3 summary, part 2 of 2

Installment #126: April 1896: Colleton County, South Carolina: Harriet Tubman in a convention.

Installment #127:April and May 1896: The Apennines, Entre Rios and Verona.

Installment #128: May 1896: Saragarhi: Ibrahim's last stand.

Installment #129: A poem written by Ibrahim.

Installment #130: June 1896: In and around the Ottoman Empire.

Installment #131: July 1896: Persia and Central Asia.

Installment #132: June to August 1896: Around the Pacific Ocean.

Installment #133: July and August 1896: Bavaria and India.

Installment #134: August and September 1896: Karlsruhe, Ticino and Warsaw.

Map #13: Northern Italy and the Balkans 1896 (includes the Sarajevo pocket).

Installment #135: September 1896: The National Peace Party and the 1896 General election.

Map #14: Election map of 1896.

Installment #136: September to November 1896: South Kivu, Barotseland and Rwanda.

Installment #137: November-December 1896: Albania, Salonika and Sarajevo.

Installment #138: December 1896: The Düsseldorf Line and Paris: The government falls…

Installment #139: January 1897: Wrapping up the American election story.

Installment #140: January 1897: Ethiopia and Aden.

Installment #141: January and February 1897: Italy and South America.

Installment #142: Early 1897: The Russian Revolution and the overthrow of the Romanov Dynasty.

Installment #143: March 1897: West Africa.

Installment #144: April 1897: Budapest and Luanda.

Map #15: András Weisz's journey through Africa.

Installment #145: May 1897: Berlin and Strasbourg.

Installment #146: June 1897: North Tyrol and the end of the Great War.

Installment #147: November 1897: The Washington Peace Conference through the POV of delegates.

Installment #148: 1897 to 1898: The Washington Peace Conference in full entirety.

Installment #149: 1898, Part 1: Hungary, Oxford and France

Map #16: Post-war map of Africa and South America.

Installment #150: November 1898, Part 1.5: Andorra la Vella; The Papal Legion is afoot.

Map #17: Post-war map of the world, circa 1900, by B_Munro.

Installment #151: 1898, Part 1.75: Tokyo: The military's busted.

Installment #152: 1898, Part 2: Dublin, Haifa, Kigali and Rehoboth.

Installment #153: 1899, Part 1: The Burgenland, Corsica, Friuli and Bukasa.

Installment #154: 1899, Part 2: Post-war developments all around the world.

Installment #155: Turn of the century: Postwar Eurasia I: War is politics by other means.

Installment #156: Turn of the century: Postwar Eurasia II: War is politics by other means.

Installment #157: Turn of the century: Postwar Eurasia III: Politics, war and strange bedfellows.

Installment #158: Literary interlude: The storms of Kamchatka: Karl May, Minoru, Hero of the North (Berlin: Fehsenfeld, 1899)

Installment #159: November 1899, Charleston: A while-you-wait episode.

Installment #160: Turn of the century: Postwar developments in Africa.

Installment #161: Turn of the century; London, Chatham: Into a new world.

Map #18: Colored post-war map of South America, circa 1900, by sketchdoodle.

Installment #162: 1900-1909: France: Futurism and the first decade of the Red Twenty

Installment #163: 1900-1911: The British Empire: Postwar politics in Britain and India

Installment #164: 1900-1907: East Africa: Faith, succession, rule and choice

Installment #165: Interlude : Translethania and surroundings: The end of the Hungarian civil war

Installment #166: Interlude : A tale of two families, 1906

Installment #167: Literary Interlude : The Country of Woman’s Dreams by Funmilayo Abacar

Installment #168: 1900-1910 : West and South Africa: Trade routes, Copperbelt regions and South African politics

Map #19: Trade routes of West Africa, circa 1900.

Installment #169: 1900-1910 : South America, The Caribbean, and a new papal conclave…

Installment #170: 1900-1909 : The Ottoman Empire and Salonika: Cinema, nationalism, and the rise of parallel government

Installment #171: 1900-1909 : Russia, Chinese Central Asia and the Russian Far East: Changes in administration and industrial problems

Installment #172: Interlude : Come down to Kew in lilac-time, Richmond-upon-Thames, April 1910

Installment #173: The United States 1900-20, Part 1 of 2 : America goes multi-party

Map #19: Colored post-war map of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire, circa 1900, by sketchdoodle.

Installment #174: The United States 1900-20, Part 1 of 2 : African-American migrations and Tubman's final accomplishments

Installment #175: Interlude : Omar settling down and an Abacar reunion in France: Tokyo / Paris, July 28, 1914

Installment #176: 1910-1920 : The Ottoman Empire, the Caucasus and surrounding areas : Revolution, agitation and a new discovery

Installment #177: Interlude : Arthur Conan Doyle, Vampire Writer : Salonika, April 1915

Installment #178: 1910-1920 : Russia, the Far East and Ethiopia: new rulers, movements and ferment

Installment #179: Interlude : Ethiopia and Eritrea, 1915-1916

Installment #180: 1910's : The Court of Arbitration and the Sulu “crisis”

Installment #181: 1910-1920 : Europe in the 1910s, part 1

Installment #182: 1910-1920 : Europe in the 1910s, part 2 : A new nation-system is born…

Installment #183: Interlude : a tree grows in the Copperbelt : Ndola, Kazembe, May 1916

Installment #184: 1910-1920 : Latin America in the 1910s, part 1

Installment #185: 1910-1920 : Latin America in the 1910s, part 2 (also includes the Caribbean)

Installment #186: 1910-1920 : The beginning of the end of the British Empire

Installment #187: Street-fighting in Amritsar, November 1916

Installment #188: GUEST POST : 1911-1913 : El Salvador and Honduras

Installment #189: FLASHBACK : 1911-1914 : The rise of the Imperial Party through the eyes of a London worker

Graphic #3: Flags of Sokoto and Ilorin

Installment #190: Literary interlude : From a (slightly) more innocent age: W.S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan, Mutesa, or The Baron of Mugungi (1908)

Installment #191: The Dominions 1910-17, part 1 of 2

Installment #192: The Dominions 1910-17, part 2 of 2

Installment #193: Interlude : An unexpected situation : Thaba Bosiu, August 1916

Installment #194: Interlude : On the edges of the sea, September 1916

Installment #195: 1917-1918 : The beginning years of the Indian War of Independence

Map #20a: attempted map of India, 1917 Map #20b: another attempted map of 1917 India Map #20c: map of India from the author himself, and Map #20d: a final detailed map of 1917 India.

Installment #196: India, March 1917 to January 1918

Installment #197: Literary interlude : Flashman and Empire and a complete list of Flashman's adventures.

Footnote #1: The First Government of the Republic of India: March 1917 to August 1919

Installment #198: late 1910's : The rest of the British Empire (Includes West Africa and Ilorin)

Installment #199: The music of revolution, February to April 1917

Installment #200: Chandrapur District, Central Provinces, November 1919

Installment #201: late 1910's to early 1920's : The middle years of the Indian War of Independence, with a Map #21: of India to help along.

Installment #202: Scenes from a colonial war, August 1919 to October 1920

Installment #203: political debate on race and India : Washington, November 1918

Installment #204: Arakan and Ahmednagar, March 1919 to November 1920: “I’m the colonel of this regiment,” said Sikandar Bakht Bahadur, “and you can’t deny me the chance to fight!”

Installment #205: 1921-1922 : The end of the Indian War of Independence and the downfall of the Imperial Party

Map #22: Detailed map of postwar India.

Installment #206: Interlude : Two Delays on the Northern Line, January 1923

Graphic #4: Family tree of the Abacars in 1923

Installment #207: 1920-1929 : Social upheavals in Southwest Africa

Installment #208: 1920-1929 : Changes in South Africa and new royal exile arrives…

Installment #209: GUEST POST : 1870-1909 : Advancements in science

Installment #210: 1920-1929 : Rebellions and change in the Omani Empire and Ethiopia

Installment #211: Interlude : Private wars, 1920-22

Installment #212: Interlude : Two old women and the yamali, 1922

Footnote #2: The locations of the Olympic games from 1900 to 1928

Installment #213: 1920-1929 : A new Bonaparte and the end of the Red Twenty (with the Toucouleur and Mossi on the side)

Installment #214: GUEST POST : The Royal Navy After The Indian Revolution

Installment #215: GUEST POST : 1920-1929: India and it's Princely States problem

Map #23: Map of Africa in 1930

Installment #216: Interlude : Africans abroad, 1926

Installment #217: The history of the Congo Fever up to 1930

Installment #218: 1920- 1930: British West Africa with a bit of Liberia on the side

Installment #219: 1920s-1930: The Imperial aftermath in Britain and Ireland

Installment #220: GUEST POST : 1910-1920: Spain and it's upheavals

Installment #221: 1920-1930: Britain's new Caribbean adventures (and a new Dominion too!)

Installment #222: GUEST POST : The Roma

Installment #223: 1920-1930: New national problems for the Ottomans, Persia and Aceh

Installment #224: 1920-1930: Political reform in India and the social changes of the postwar nation

Installment #225: Interlude : A choice to be made for the smallest Princely State… : Kathiawar, June 1930

Installment #226: Interlude : Ujjal Singh meets the Family : Zanzibar, 1932

Map #24: Map of India after the reforms (1920's-ish)

Map #25(a): 1930 World Map by Iserlohn with an Map #25(b)updated one.

Installment #227: 1920-1940: Political and social action in the U.S.A with Civil Rights at the forefront

Installment #228: Interlude : A Southern symphony : The American South, 1930

Footnote #3: Per Capita GDP (PPP) of selected states, 1935 (2014 international dollars)

Installment #229: 1930s-1940s: Progress in South Africa, and a look into Natal

Installment #230: 1930s-1940s: Religous and social change in Portuguese Africa

Installment #231: Interlude : No island is an island : near Bremerhaven, January 1936

Installment #232: 1930s-1940s: Protests, ferment and youth culture in the German Africa and Madagascar (plus a lecture on the International Congo)

Installment #233: Interlude : The Kinder-Garten : Ndola, Kazembe, 1935

Map #25(c) A further updated map of the world by 1930

Installment #234: 1930s-1940s: Italian Africa and Spanish Guinea

Installment #235: Interlude : Interview with an African-American baseball player : North Carolina, 1974

Installment #236: 1930-1940: Progress in Central Asia with the Russian fringes in flux

Installment #237: Interlude : The eve of battle : Buganda, 1935

Map #25(d) some world map, now with notes from the author!

Installment #238: 1935-1936: The Great Nile War, Part 1

Installment #239: 1936-1940: The Great Nile War, Part 2 (With big effects on Zanzibar)

Installment #240: Literary interlude : The kami of Nan Madol: Ayame Pangelinan, The Pepper and the Pearl (Tokyo: Otowa, 1939)

Installment #241: 1900s-1940s: Ongoing change in the Pacific islands and Australasia

Installment #242: Narrative update : The last celebration of Sarah Child : Benares, December 1938

Installment #243: 1920s-1940s: troubles in Japan, more so in China and South East Asian decolonization

Installment #244: Narrative update : Journeys around the world; Lagos, Paris, Saigon and Zanzibar : 1940

Installment #245: 1930s-1940s : The beginnings of decolonization in French and British West Africa (plus growing ferment for the Toucouleur)

Installment #246: GUEST POST : 1931 : A multicultural protest for justice in Minnesota

Installment #247: 1920s-1940s :Integration and independence for German Africa

Installment #248: 1920s-1950s : The end of the Portuguese novo reino and the final fall of Natal

Installment #249: Interlude : scenes from the fall : Natal, March 1945

Installment #250: GUEST POST : 1895-1950's : Advancements in science, physics, and inter-university cooperation

Installment #251: GUEST POST : 1944 : The creation of the Legatum Humanitatis (prologue) : Venice, Italy

Installment #252: GUEST POST : 1800's-1900's : The Legatum Humanitatis (part 2)

Installment #253: GUEST POST : mid-1900's : The Legatum Humanitatis (part 3)

Installment #254: GUEST POST : 1963 : The Legatum Humanitatis (epilogue)

Map #26: East Africa in 1955

Installment #255: 1940-1955 : The Bloody Forties, Zanzibar, Nyasaland and the Congo

Installment #256: Narrative update : In every generation : Sikonge, May 1945

Installment #257: 1940-1953 : The Sino-Russian war and it's aftermath on international relations

Installment #258: 1930-1955 : The 'Last Mughal Empire' and the All-India Development Union

Installment #259: 1930-1950 : Afro-Atlantic relations and the fall of the West Indies Dominion

Installment #260: Interlude : The Feast of Freedom : Salonika, 1952

Installment #261: 1930's-1955 : The Ottomans evolving, Qajar Persia devolving and Empress Anastasia's later years.

Installment #262: Narrative update : The finer points of diplomacy; Ilorin, Benares and Saint-Lunaire : 1950-1953

Map(s) #27: Political, administrative, income, and associative maps of Africa, circa 1955

Installment #263: GUEST POST : 1911-1956 : Central America

Installment #264: Narrative update : A British monarch on a former crown jewel : Benares, 1961

Installment #265: 1940-55 : Political, social, and cultural upheaval in West Africa, part 1

Graphic #5: The international system and Consistory membership of the world, circa present-day

Map(s) #28: populations of foreign ethnic groups in Africa, circa 1955

Installment #266: 1940-55 : Political, social, and cultural upheaval in West Africa, part 2

Installment #267: Literary interlude : The castle between the worlds: Paul K. Daniels, The Rubaiyat of Shahrzad Esfahani (New York: Putnam, 1957)

Installment #268: 1920-70 : Progression, radicalism, and change in South America (with a side of the Catholic Church)

Installment #269: Narrative update : A meeting of many faces : Richmond Hill, Queens, June 1956

Installment #270: Narrative update : An eagle-child confronting a riot : Malebo, International Congo, 1957

Installment #271: Narrative update : The question of succession for a seafaring tribe : Nggela Archipelago, Solomon Islands, 1958

Installment #272: Narrative update : The passing of Funmilayo and a brush with the Congo fever : London and Illorin, 1959

Installment #273: Narrative update : The case of a shooting, from beginning to end : Hawaii, 1960

Installment #274: Narrative update : A king and a procession : Madras, 1961

Installment #275: Narrative update : A railroad worker in a changing land : Kisumu, Nyanza, 1962

Installment #276: Narrative update : Secessionist nationalism in the Portuguese capital : Lisbon, 1963

Installment #277: Narrative update : A woman asks a former Empress for advice : Lake Tana, 1964

Installment #278: Narrative update : SPAAAAAAAAACCE!!! : Cayenne, September 1965

Installment #279: GUEST POST : The atomic age arrives to the U.S.A

Installment #280: Narrative update : The beginnings of revolution : St. Petersburg, 1966

Installment #281: Narrative update : The remembrance of a bloody war : Peking and Shanghai, 1967

Installment #282: Narrative update : Scenes from an alternate Texas : Houston, 1968

Installment #283: Narrative update : Agricultural ferment in Bolivia : La Paz, 1969

Installment #284: Narrative update : A poet in Futurist West Africa : Ségou, Timbuktu, & Dakar, 1970

Installment #285: 1900's-1970 : The continuation of civil rights and asymmetric relationship in the United States and Canada

Installment #286: GUEST POST : 1955-1970 : India and the Dominion of Madras

Installment #287: 1900's-1970 : Change in the Portuguese Empire and state dramas in South Africa

Installment #288: 1900's-1970 : The independence (and aftermath) of the International Congo

Installment #289: 1900's-1970 : Copperbelt culture, ferment in Madagascar, and the growth (or not) of former German Central Africa

Installment #290: Literary interlude: The songs of distant Africa: Alexander Chishimba, The Stars That Bore Us (Ndola: Chenjele, 1963)

Installment #291: 1900's-1970 : Settling out indigenous rights in Australasia.

Installment #292: GUEST POST : Culture and multilingualism in the United States - Part 1

Installment #293: 1900's-1970 : Massive upheavals across the Pacific Islands, with the dragging inclusion of Germany and Japan.

Footnote #4: List of presidents of the United States of America, with some corrections by the author

Installment #294: 1900's-1970 : Fallout and resolution of the Sino-Russian War, along with Korea and Southeast Asia.

Installment #295: 1900's-1970 : An imperial funeral at Ethiopia, and the growth (and rebuilding) of the Great Lakes and East Africa.

Map #29: 1970 world map by Analytical Engine, along with some updated versions.

Installment #296: 1900's-1970 : Culture, climate and ferment in West Africa

Installment #297: 1900's-1970 : Progression and conflict in post-Empire'ish Europe

Installment #298: 1970-2000 : SPAAAAAAAAACCE!!!

Installment #299: Narrative update : The education of Laila Abacar, 1971-85

Installment #300: Cultural interlude : fantasies of a fantasy (ITTL Ancient Nigerian movies)

Installment #301: GUEST POST : The evolution of Native rights in British Colombia (Part I)

Installment #302: GUEST POST : The evolution of Native rights in British Colombia (Part II)

Installment #303: Interlude : Ibrahim Singh bargains a deal : Kismayo, 1978

Installment #304: 1970-2000 : Change and modern development in Portugal, Portuguese Africa and South Africa

Installment #305: Interlude : A South African union : Basotholand, 1992

Installment #306: Literary interlude: A city of many doors

Installment #307: 1970-2000 / 2014 : Symposium on Central African Development (mainly about Congo, though)

Installment #308: Interlude : A former citizen in a ruined land : Okoyo, United Republic of the Congo, May 1993

Installment #309: Cultural interlude : ethics in gaming journalism

Installment #310: 1970-2000 : Kazembe, Madagascar, former German Africa, and the decline - and ruin - of Hermann Tschikaya’s Congo

Installment #311: Interlude : Hospitality in a wintry snowstorm : Lake Onega, January 1998

Installment #312: Narrative update : A revolution through the eyes of an underground priest : Budapest, July 1992

Installment #313: 1970's-2010's : Political, religious, and cultural maturity in modern America.

Installment #314: 1970's-2010's : Insights into Afro-Atlantism and the political development of modern Canada.

Installment #315: GUEST POST : GUEST POST - French political history, PART ONE : Napoléon IV's era

Graphic #6: GUEST POST : List of the Prime Ministers of France from 1870 to 1890

Installment #316: 1970's-1990's : Europe since 1970, part 1 of 2 (The development of the EU and the cataclysmic fall of Hungary)

Installment #317: 1970's-2000's : Europe since 1970, part 2 of 2 (The aftermath of Hungary and the state(s) of modern Europe)

Map #30: Political map of 2015 Europe from the author

Installment #318: 1970's-2000's : The triumphs (and problems) of modern Russia and Turkestan

Graphic #7: Wikipedia-style infobox on Funmilayo Abacar by the author

Installment #319: 1955-2000's : South America since 1955 - revolution, ferment, and maturity

Installment #320: 1955-2000's : Central America and Mexico since 1955 - further ferment, change, and the catastrophe of El Salvador

Installment #321: Narrative update : The Education of Laila Abacar, 1991-2001

Installment #322: 1960's-2000's : Social, political, and economic flux in contemporary East Asia

Installment #323: 1960's-2000's : Oceania in the modern age

Installment #324: Literary interlude: A moving battlefield: Kazuo Manea, The Roviana Dog (Auki: New Malaita, 2003)

Installment #325: 1960's-2000's : Change in the Great Lakes and East Africa with new challenges for Ethiopia

Installment #326: Literary interlude: An alternate Constantine Cavafy poem.

Installment #327: 1960's-2000's : Modern Southeast Asia & India

Installment #328: Interlude : Memories of a poet : Shatby, Alexandria, January 1990

Installment #329: 1955-2000's : Persia and the Caucasus

Installment #330: 1950s-2000's : Ottoman Union, North Africa and the emirates of the Persian Gulf

Installment #331: Narrative update : The Education of Laila Abacar, 2003-2009

Installment #332: Modern West Africa since 1970

Installment #333: “If you will it, it is no dream”, or the birth of the Union of Nigeria in 2011

Map #31: Map of Africa in 2015 from the author

Map #32: Map of Union of Nigeria by Upvoteanthology.

Map #33: 2015 world map by Analytical Engine, first part.

Map #34: 2015 world map by Analytical Engine, second part.

Graphic #8: Flag of Bornu, made by Moe Satyr

Graphic #9: Flags of Nigeria, the Toucouleur, Grão Pará, and East Africa (Empire of), made by Moe Satyr

Installment #334: 2015: Epilogue, Part 1 : The Past

Installment #335: 2015: Epilogue, Part 2 : The Present

Installment #336: 2015: Epilogue, Part 3 : The Future

Graphic #10: GUEST POST : French political history, PART ONE : Napoléon IV's era - 1887 election

Installment #337: Narrative update : A Stop Along the Way: A Malêverse Story, November 1876 (Writer's Forum. An account is needed to read.)

Graphic #11: GUEST POST : French political history, PART ONE : Napoléon IV's era - 1872 election

Graphic #12: GUEST POST : French political history, PART ONE : Napoléon IV's era - 1877 election

Graphic #13: GUEST POST : French political history, PART ONE : Napoléon IV's era - 1881 election

Graphic #14: GUEST POST : French political history, PART ONE : Napoléon IV's era - 1883 election

Installment #338: Post-ending narrative update : Southern hospitality in the Sea Islands' anniversary, September 1961

Installment #339: Post-ending narrative update : To marry the winds (featuring Ibrahim Abacar), March 1896

Installment #340: The Ballad of the Supply Officer, by Ibrahim Abacar (Cambodia, 1895)

Graphic #15: GUEST POST : List of Prime Ministers of France from 1870 to 1954

Installment #341: GUEST POST : French political history (PART TWO?), from Leclair to the Civil War and it's remembrance.

Installment #342: GUEST POST : French political history (PART THREE?), the figures who led the Legislative Elections of 1928.

Installment #343: GUEST POST : A short piece on the rise of the Internet

Installment #344: Post-ending narrative update : A Stone for the Cathedral, 1943

Installment #345: Post-ending narrative update : By the Water (part 1 of 2), 1903-04

Installment #346: Post-ending narrative update : By the Water (part 2 of 2), 1903-04

Installment #347: Post-ending narrative update : Burnt Offerings, (North Carolina, October 1888)

Installment #348: Post-ending : Guide to American Civil War Monuments : South Carolina, 2016

Installment #349: Malêverse 2100: Elegy for an Oasis (The Sahara desert)

Installment #350: Malêverse 2100: For Those Who Still Dream (Ndola, Kazembe, and beyond)

Installment #351: Malêverse 2100: The Community of Change (Tanana, Alaska)

Installment #351a: Caretakers: A Malêverse 2100 Story (Writer's Forum. An account is needed to read.)

Installment #352: Malêverse 2100: The Garden at the Top of the World (Bolivia, in city and country)

Installment #353: Malêverse 2100: What Hides Below the Clouds (New Guinea, Part 1 of 2)

Installment #354: Malêverse 2100: What Hides Below the Clouds (New Guinea, Part 2 of 2)

Installment #355: Post-ending: A haunted Union soldier returns home : South Carolina, November 1864 to March 1866

Installment #356: Malêverse 2100: A chosen colonist prepares for a starship journey (Space / Borneo / Russia)

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