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Jonathan Edelstein

An American member from Kew Gardens, New York. Born October 1971, married with cat, the senior partner in a three-person criminal law practice, and the author of a couple of published short stories and 15 articles in scholarly journals nobody reads.

A participant in the old soc.history.what-if newsgroup from 1995 until about 2005, co-creator of the now-defunct Alternate History Travel Guide, and creator of the TL Spinoza in Turkey. Currently working on the second draft of The Bull and the Dolphin, a non-AH novel about a Minoan in Egypt during the Hyksos period. He is one of's premier writers and has considerable literary prowess.


Jon has shown a clear interest for that all too rare beast of alternate history fiction - timelines and scenarios that are set in Africa. So far, he has introduced to three such intriguing scenarios :

Malê Rising

Four Scenes from São Tomé

Lo, the Nobles Lament, the Poor Rejoice

African rice domesticated in fourth millennium BC - One of his newest projects, an agricultural timeline about the domestication of African rice.

Nok Steel - As well as an African timeline about alternate metallurgical developments, which won a Turtledove Award:

And he has also written an interesting little TL about Haiti staying separated into two countries since the early 19th century :

Stories From A Divided Haiti

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