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Points of Divergence : World War One

A collection of PODs on events, decisions, policies, and so on which might have changed the course of WWI. Not only Central Powers (CP) victory ideas, but also lots of ideas about prolonged, shortened or less deadly versions of the war, about different decisions made by the Entente countries, etc.

2014 is the year of the centennary of the start of the war, so feel free to join in the AH WWI discussion in the special commemorative thread. (Among other things, you can use it to suggest further additions and improvements to this POD page as well.) You can also visit this page.

Before the Storm : Alternate Alliances prior to 1914

Before the Storm : Alternate developments prior to 1914

WWI at a different time







Throughout the War

Stalemates and earlier armistices

The Central Powers winning WWI

“Country XY” in a world where the Central Powers won WWI

As a subcategory of the above PODs, here's an overview of of discussions about how different countries and nations would cope in a TL where the Central Powers won WWI.

Immediate Post-WWI Situation


Essays and general musings

See Also

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