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Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck

Paul Emil von Lettow-Vorbeck (OTL March 20, 1870 - March 9, 1964) was a colorful character of a WW1 German general who, in OTL, led a celebrated campaign of resistance in the German colony of German East Africa (later known as Tanganyika (which became part of Tanzania upon gaining independence)) up until the end of the war. He has become popular in AH as a leader of the Weimar Republic or a military regime replacing it - so popular, in fact, that he is now something of a cliché.

However, the view is held by some that the idea that L-V is a cliche is only a conspiracy created by British Empire jingoists in order to stop people from using his awesomeness so no-one would remember how they were never able to beat him in the Great War.

Note that he actually tried a political career IOTL - he participated in the not very successful Kapp putsch in 1920, taking over the Mecklenburgs; and later, he ran for the conservative/rightwing Deutschnationale Volkspartei, even later for their moderate split-off Volkskonservative Vereinigung/Konservative Volkspartei.

His popularity is perhaps attributable to the fact that his career is associated with airships.

Friend of Karen Blixen of Out of Africa fame. Also of Jan Smuts. Strongly disliked Hitler. Once appeared in an episode of Young Indiana Jones. Had two sons who both fell in World War II, and two daughters.

Sometimes abbreviated to 'L-V'.

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