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Points of Divergence : Italy

Points of divergence concerning alternate historical developments within the modern day territory of Italy.

A country located in the Mediterranean, noted for being the birthplace of the Roman Empire, the Renaissance, and pizza.

Italy participated in both WWI and WWII. It joined WWI as a Entente power in 1915. It joined WWII first as an Axis power in 1939, and an Allied power in 1943.


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Middle Ages and Early Modern Era

Stronger Italy PODs

Divided Italy PODs

19th Century - Different Unification

19th Century - Other PODs

Italian Overseas Imperialism PODs

Italy in World War I - As a member of the Central Powers

Italy in World War I - Other PODs

Interwar Italian PODs

Italy in World War II

Post-WWII Italian PODs

ASB / ISOT / Geological

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