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Points of Divergence : Austria-Hungary

When it comes to the history of the Habsburg Empire, PODs concerning Austria-Hungary are among the most captivating and commonly asked about. Due to the sheer number of such POD questions, we;ve decided to dedicate an entire sub-page to alternate developments in the Dual Monarchy (you can also access this page from the POD pages of the modern successor states of the empire, available in the main country PODs list).

This page will only list PODs that occured during the existence of this state, i.e. between 1867 and late 1918. It will also focus primarily on the empire as a whole - therefore, if you're looking for a POD that only concerns a successor country of Austria-Hungary during the Dual Monarchy's existence, please look for that POD at the specific successor countries page.

Founding Years PODs

1870s - 1900 PODs

Early 20th century PODs

World War I PODs

Prolonged or provisional survival PODs


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