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stories:ah.com_the_series The Series The Series was a weekly episodic series that followed the misadventures of the crew that made up the Multiverse Exploration Ship, as they traveled from one alternate universe to another. Captained by Doctor What, the nemesis to the and its crew were the Fallen. The's main rival was the CF.Net and its crew, commanded by Ward.

The The Series universe was created by Psychomeltdown and has been additionally expanded by the numerous writers and contributers over the last four years. Writers who have written three or more episodes are denoted as “Writer Chimps”, which, obscurely, is a much coveted and competed for title.

By the beginning of the fifth season, the Series has produced 118 episodes and has “outlasted” many real-life science fiction shows in terms of longevity and material.

There was also a spin-off series, The Next Generation, initiated by Jord839. A sequel to both the original series and the spinoff, Enterprise, is currently in the works, helmed by FDW as showrunner.

The Multiverse Exploration Ships (MES) and

In the beginning, the ship was a captured prize by the Human Unity, which at the time was in a desperate war against an invading, Multiverse-spanning empire controlled by Neanderthals. The, along with its sister ships the Alterverse and the, were refitted with weapons and crewed by the remnants of the Human Unity Space Fleet, under the command of Admiral Ward who also commanded the ship.

After the war against the Neanderthals, the,, and Alterverse were used to patrol and ensure that there was never a recurrence of the devastating invasion their planet had suffered. During this period, there came a new threat, the Devourer of Worlds, a deadly machine/creature that crossed from universe to universe, destroying planets for purposes unknown.

The ships along with the majority of the Human Unity Space Fleet attacked the creature, only to be nearly completely annihilated. The tattered remains of the Human Fleet regathered, the survivors making hasty repairs and reorganizing their ranks. With its commanding crew dead Lt. What, a science officer, was put in charge of commanding the by Admiral Ward. The Human Fleet re-attacked the Devourer and was once again shredded by the creature's power. Lt. Bruno What, his ship battered and remaining crew dead, saw the battle as lost and with some difficulty ordered the ship into a blind shift, fleeing from the battle, this act sparking Admiral Ward's undying hatred for what he perceived as Dr. What's cowardice in the face of an attack.

Ward and the managed to survive the fight, but the Alterverse was destroyed.

Doctor What currently commands the ship, though upon his in-series temporary death, command transfered to Grey Wolf. Command was also given to Landshark/IronYuppie when Dr. What and Grey Wolf left the ship. Currently Doctor What is in command of the ship once again.

Crew members of the MES AH.COM

Current crew
  • Chief Pilot/Ships Operations- GBW
  • Security Chief- Matt
  • Security Goon/Sheepist Priest - DMA
  • Security Goon/Engineering Crew - Michael
  • Communications - Kit
  • Teleportation Tube Operator/Engineering Crew - G.Bone
Crew that left

Crew members of the MES CF.NET

Current crew
  • Communications/Ships Operations - Faeelin
Crew that left
  • Public Relations - N-reD (deceased in-series)
  • Pilot/Navigator - DuQuense (deceased in-series)
  • “Chief Engineer” - Gedca (deceased in-series)
  • “Engineering Crew” - FederationX (deceased in-series)

More information on the CF.Net crew can be found on its dedicated page.

Recurring Characters

  • Fallen - corrupted beings, always causing trouble to the MES crews on their journeys throughout the multiverse.
  • Ian - bartender of the Pub in the Hub and representative of the 'Administration'.
  • Bobo - A living brain created by Torqumada as a pet, but growing over the course of the series to become a talking and slightly powerful creature.
  • Mosquito - Arrived one day seeking nectar, thanks to a teleporter accident. Currently still somewhere on the ship.

Episode List

The Series Bible

Writer Chimps

Writer Chimp: A title given to those brave souls who have given up time, a social life, free sex, and a life to write episodes of the Series.

List of Writer Chimps

Doctor What - 26 episodes (co-writer) - 10 episodes

Psychomeltdown - 22 episodes

Dave Howery - 22 episodes (co-writer) - 4 episodes

Thande - 18 episodes (co-writer) - 7 episodes

MerryPrankster - 10 episodes (co-writer) - 3 episodes

Michael - 5 episodes and Halloween Special (co-writer) - 2 episodes

Chris - 2 episodes

Ian the Admin - 3 episodes

Flocculencio - 3 episodes (co-writer 2 episode)

GBW - 2 episodes and Halloween Special

Leo Caesius - 2 episodes

Leej - 2 episodes

Diamond - 1 episode

Romulus Augustulus - 1 episode

Luakel - 1 episode

Mayhem - Halloween Special

G.Bone - 1 episode

sunsurf - 2 episodes

Analytical Engine - 3 episodes

Zyzzyva - 2 episodes

Resources for Chimps

Spinoffs and Sequels

1.) The CF.Net Miniseries

Technically a part of season two's story arc, but viewed as something separate.

Counterfactual I “THE FIRST STRIKE” - Psychomeltdown - link

Counterfactual II “HOMECOMING” - Psychomeltdown - link

Counterfactual III “BATTLES” - Psychomeltdown - link

2.) The Next Generation (2009-2010) The Next Generation - Short-lived (May 2009 - June 2010) spinoff of The Series.

3.) Unrealised Revival Proposal (2011)

New Series (As Yet Untitled) - The main pre-production discussion thread of this failed revival attempt. Dead for years, project cancelled and eventually superceded by Enterprise.

4.) Enterprise (2015-present) Enterprise - A new series, a successor to both The Series and The Next Generation.

Trivia and media

See Also

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