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stories:series_running_jokes The Series Running Jokes

The The Series references many of the running jokes from's mainstream forums, but also has some of its own. These include:

  • No-one ever remembers the fact that Landshark is supposed to be the chief pilot. Including himself. (Joke based on the fact that many early episodes didn't have him in this role, as the Writer Chimps hadn't looked too closely at the series bible.)
  • G.Bone works the teleporter by pressing random buttons, and his competence varies wildly depending on the plot requirements. It's hinted he's an idiot savant, as he can also come up with brilliant flashes of insight when a specific situation requires it.
  • G.Bone also spends most of his time reading comics, especially Archie (thanks to Flanderisation by writers).
  • Dave has a huge, bushy and apparently indestructible beard - possibly his whiskers are actually made of adamantium, like his chainsaw.
  • GBW always points out flaws in the plan due to logic and reason, which never actually pan out because the universe doesn't run on logic and reason. He also occasionally reveals nerdy interests, and has a mysterious woman in his past.
  • luakel often acts as the unofficial 'apprentice' to one of the other crewmen, changing from one episode to the next.
  • Whenever something strange happens, Doctor What will comment that it's something like the 34th strangest thing he's ever seen, then list some of the others.
  • Matt never ever gets laid. Ever.
  • Weapon M will talk about his threesome at every available opportunity.
  • Matt believes any problem can be solved by the application of enough C4, and indeed this is should be the first solution of choice.
  • Landshark has anaemically white skin and no amount of light radiation can darken it - he may even be immune to laser weapons because of it.
  • (A recent one) Landshark occasionally has flashes of insight or knowledge, and when another asks him how on earth he knows, he'll simply reply “Hey, I'm British!” (First seen in LUST SLAVES OF THE MONKEY GOD.
  • Thande will always suggest “Daring Commando Raid™” as a plan to resolve any problem. Usually the other crew members will treat this like a stroke of genius that has never been suggested before. (A joke based on Moonstruck). (First seen in DON'T MENTION THE PORN!)
  • Hendryk is the crew member most upset about all the times when they've had to pass over planets full of nymphomaniacs to carry out their mission (based on the fact that the real Hendryk made comments along those lines on the relevant episodes).
  • N00bs make cameo appearances which always conclude with an amusing and horrific death. Started as a running joke largely by Dave Howery responding to n00bs wanting Series cameos. His episode LUST SLAVES OF THE MONKEY GOD has what's probably the most blatant and extreme examples of this.
  • Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, is the center of the universe on many timelines. A running joke by Dave Howery, who set several of his episodes in that tiny town which most people have never heard of. It started out in “Land of the Supermodels”, in which SSM appeared to ease in an appearance by Hermanubis (who had requested to appear in the Series several times), and just kept going from there.
  • Leo's Fabulous Glutes: Kit lusts after Leo (in his robot body) and will often use this line (based on its recurrence on the forum in real life). Leo protests quite strongly, but we eventually learn that his mirror universe counterpart eventually gave in.

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