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American member, hails from Georgia.

He is a Christian (more liberal than Othniel and definitely more so than the_lyniezian) and a Libertarian. As such, he finds himself often engaging in religious and political debates with other board members. Merry seems to have a remarkable ability never to be offended by anything.

Works and writing

Both back in the day and today, Merry has been known as a prolific writer. This quality of his has also seeped into

Notable timelines he has created include Revolution South (post-Brest-Litovsk Soviet Union invades British India in 1925), the Great North African Crusade (a Fatimid raid on Rome sparks a Crusade), and Muslim Europe, Christian Middle East. His current project is Afrikaner Superpower, which tells how an apartheid-like regime established by Calvinist refugees from the Spanish gained control of most of Africa and the Indian Ocean basin. This is notable for being the only TL he has actually written from beginning to end, although there are lots and lots of “insert name” and “insert event” markers in between.

Another ongoing project is The Dragon and the Bear, which is his take on an idea first posted by Avalon1 : In the Draka timeline, the Russians realize the Draka are dangerous in 1917 and prepare accordingly.

Writing for The Series

He was also known for eating, breathing and sleeping The Series in a way that we only wish Psycho would, although his participation in the series has dropped off lately.

In Fiction

MerryPrankster not only wrote many episodes of The Series, but a fictionalised version of him was also a regular cast member.

His eponymous character served as the weapons officer aboard the ship and played a key role in the alliance of the two crews to defeat Mike Collins and Molobo when they invaded the Hub and briefly drove out Ian.

Later, unhappy with the cruelty and barbarism of the crew (which hasn't stopped him from participating in a particularly notorious episode in an ATL Cuba), he and some of the younger crew members (“damn idiot kids” according to Ward) briefly seized control of the ship from Ward, who appeared to be sliding into alcoholism. He attempted to gain the loyalty of the crew by making a hefty profit selling plasma rifles to the Almoravids. However, he jeopardized the deal by killing the chief imam of Marrakesh, who was presiding over the execution of a Christian convert, and had to surrender much of the payment as compensation. He later sent a boarding party composed largely of his co-conspirators to raid the ship, only to watch in horror as Ward shot down their shuttle (MerryPrankster had left him in control of the weapons). Grimm Reaper and Romulus Augustulus then physically overpowered him.

However, Ward did not space Merry as he ordinarily would. He had feigned his alcoholism to see which crew members had the gumption to challenge him. He made Merry third in command, although he made sure that Merry knew no more shenanigans would be tolerated.

Merry has since led ground forces in the mission to capture DarkSlavik and (reluctantly) deployed an army of the latter's monsters against civilian targets. During ship actions, he also tends to the ship's computers.

In the aftermath of the failed coup, the Engineering Crew (Gedca, Federation_X, and fortyseven) openly treat him with contempt. This has led him to conclude that the only way he can hold power in the ship is to rule with an iron fist like Ward and Grimm rather than treat his subordinates fairly and honorably. The first targets for his change in philosophy were the Engineering Crew, who were thrashed after referring to him as a “hired goon.”

For his own amusement, Grimm trained his cat Pumpkin to attack his eyes, although he has (thus far) avoided blinding by carrying about catnip.

During the events leading up to the ASB invasion of the Hub, Merry and Dominus_Novus were left in charge of the ship when (thanks to GBW's temporary defection), the was able to capture it. When some of the AH.commers attempt to reclaim control of the ship, he defeats Flocculencio, Psychomeltdown, G.Bone, and Torqumada when they gang up on him. The latter three were disposed of easily; Flocculencio took some effort. Luakel challenged Merry but was quickly slapped down.

Then he pulled a gun and shot Merry in the back. Merry remained conscious long enough to severely wound Luakel when the latter stood over him gloating, but had to emergency-teleport back to the ship. He nearly died from his injuries.

In the aftermath of the ASB invasion of the Hub, the beat the to a former ASB outpost that contained a weapons system Ian wanted. Fearing Ward's plan to feed crew members to the machine, Merry contacted the AH.commers and deliberately created a gap in the's defenses. While the AH.commers infiltrated the landing zone, he attempted to assassinate Ward, but Grimm threw himself in the bullets' path. Merry attempted to rally the crew against Ward by revealing that Ward intended to feed them to an ASB weapons system, but the crew, remembering what happened last time, stayed out. Merry and Ward fought and Merry had Ward in a bad position, but just had to stop and gloat. Ward turned the tables, lopped off Merry's lower right arm, and knocked him off a cliff overlooking a lava river.

Although Psychomeltdown insists that Merry is dead in-series, nobody ever actually saw his character die…

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