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A long-time Board member of a right-wing bent, no longer active on the forum. He has been branded a great number of things, but mostly he's just a cynic. He, like other prestigious members of the board, takes great pride in being one of the posters that MEJ hated.

In Fiction

In The Series, Bulgaroktonos makes occasional appearances as goon for the Mainly he shoots people, hijacks ships, and causes havoc. He supported both sides in the coup against Ward, and is no worse the wear for having done so. It is widely known that his true desire is for the to forge a great multi-dimensional empire to exploit.

In Wars, he appears as the character Bulga Roktonos.


Bulg was also a moderator in the shared worlds/Shared Worlds forum. He mostly moderates naval battles, leaving the land conflicts to the other moderators. He is most associated with Machiavellian nations, like his Victoria a Boy British Empire from Mosaic Earth 7, and Imperial Russia from Mosaic Earth 8.

He left the board after claiming to be called a Fascist by Faeelin, and suppporting Diamond. Posts at under the same name. While he still holds membership at, he refuses to post here nowadays.

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