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As a paramedic, he was the Board's resident expert in medicine. He resided in South Carolina, USA.

He was sometimes accused of being 'Captain Literal' and taking everything too seriously.

Part-time nemesis of edvader, together with Diamond and Thande.

As a self-declared “Breast Man”, Torqumada scoffed at Keira Knightley and always rebutted the Keira Knightley Fan Club's adoration-fests with photos of a large-breasted woman known as 'Sweet Victoria'. Torq headed the 'Victorian' or 'Big-Boobian' faction within the Heterosexual Reconquista. Allegedly Torqumada's wife operated on a look-but-don't-touch policy.

Known as 'Torq', and notorious for putting his name after every post, even if it resulted in an unintended double entendre.

Unfortunately, he joined with the AH writers in the sky when he passed of lung cancer in October 2015. Board members gave their condolences.

In Fiction

Unsurprisingly, Torqumada is the Ship's doctor in The Series. He has a big scientific rivalry with Thande and owns a pet flying brain called Bobo.

Torq appears in Luaky Commer as the castle's medic and in Wars as a surgeon.

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