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Mike Collins

Mike hailed from Texas and had right-wing political views. These views tended to be controversial.

After Ian altered one of his polls without permission (Mike had posted a poll about who should replace Ian as board administrator in the event of Ian's demise), Mike had a meltdown and posted numerous profane polls with topics like “Why Does Ian Eat S___?”. He had that meltdown on the 5th of August 2004 and this has remained his most notorious and insult-filled attack so far, going down as 'Armageddon Day' in the annals of the board. He managed to disrupt every sub-forum with those polls and multiple threads in an attempt to mass spam the place with insults against Ian and any other members he had an axe to grind about. This bout of insanity was eventually put to an end when Ian turned up a few hours later, deleted the lot and banned Collins' account with little fanfare.

However, Mike returned several times under different aliases, the most recent one being Racer X. The tactics that both Mike Collins and Ian have used have varied. Ian has ranged from merely banning him to banning and erasing all posts. One time for an account (Angel of Retribution), he even made it so that the posts from that name never showed up.

The following is a comprehensive list of Mike Collins accounts:

  • Mike Collins
  • Angel of Retribution
  • Darth Collins (as you could expect…)
  • Generation Xwing
  • Tyler Durden
  • Speaker of the Banned
  • Randy Page
  • Racer X (Custom title was “Snilloc Ekim”. You figure it out)

Meester Collins, however, isn't really Mike.

Unless he lied about that, his real name is Chris Barber, which was the name he used on the Old Board. At the end of his time there, he had an argument with Ian, left the Old Board in a giant huff vowing never to return, and threatening to badmouth Ian and the boards on other forums. Whilst ultimately not keeping his vow, and reappearing under a variety of handles on the new board, he has certainly done the latter.

Some have questioned the way that Collins has been presented as a powerful baddie in lore rather than the sad git that most people reckoned him to be. Notably, he was idolised by Straha. This has led some members to giggle uncontrollably. He later joined under the net-name Rick Deckard.

Appearances in Fiction

In The Series, Mike is the most powerful of the Fallen, disruptive characters who have been banned from the Hub. He took Molobo as his Sith-style apprentice and together they seized a stockpile of crosstime bombs from Hank Fletcher. They used the bombs in an attempt to seize control of the Hub, with Mike engaging in hand-to-hand combat with Ian (using a combination of his unobtanium gauntlets and a strategic crosstime bomb strike) to temporary overpower him). The two Fallen were defeated by the allied and crews. Although Molobo escaped by being blown into another TL by a crosstime bomb, Mike was incarcerated in the Hub.

An expedition by Molobo and his new apprentices Kadyet and radical_neutural, aided by Mike avatar Blaine Hess, nearly succeeded in springing him from the Hub's prison, but was foiled by Ian and the crew at the last second. This attempt to escape was punished in the harshest manner - having to share a cell with radical_neutural.

Although Mike's powers seemed partially to come from his unobtainium gauntlets, he also seems to have some intrinsic powers that enabled him to momentarily hold off Ian while Kadyet and Molobo escaped.

During the ASB invasion of the Hub, Mike was able to escape, leaving radical_neuteral trapped in the rubble of the Hub jail. While he was leaving the Hub, Straha insisted on tagging along. At some point after his escape, Mike found Molobo and became commander of the ship. The three Fallen attacked a planet hoping to find advanced technology, only to find that Straha only wanted the weed. This brazen manuever made Othniel their eternal foe, and was the reason he left the ship.

Collins was captured by the Mirror ship after a failed attempt at taking a tithe planet of the Mirror Ship, and was later sold into slavery as a gladiator by the Mirror Crew. He was then recruited by Doctor What to be part of a commando team to stop an ASB plot to destroy the multiverse.

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