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Doctor What

A Canadian from Ontario, Doctor What is one of the most prominent, if not THE most prominent, members! And he's very modest too.

As of October 2010, he is engaged to kilngirl.

Claims to Fame

That Canuck, Doc What, is famous

For committing deeds that are heinous

He jumped out of a plane,

Oral sex fried his brain,

and allegedly he's seen Kitjed's…trainers.

- Limerick, Thande, 2005

"Well--that was certainly a memorable party....."

Doctor What is best known for the Resurrection of What (as it is known on the calendar). This occurred at his birthday party in 2004. While in the act of performing cunnilingus on a woman known as Amy (noted for her powerful thighs), the Doc had the blood supply to his brain cut off and clinically died for a short period of time before being brought around by paramedics.

Although whether he would actually be considered dead has been debated by Torqumada, this act resulted in Hendryk proclaiming the religion of Whatianity around Doctor What as the Messiah. The Whatian faith was, of course, based around Doctor What's own character and thus places a certain emphasis on lesbians.

What and Other Religions

Because of his death and ressurection, Dr. What is regarded as a saint, St. Bruno the Undead, by the followers of Goatism. He is also acknowledged as a knight of the Heterosexual Reconquista, partly because of his skill in finding pictures of gorgeous women, and partly because he managed to get Kilngirl and IronYuppie to indulge in a lesboendo fight over who got to possess him.

Doc's original claim to fame was in posting links to strange and psychologically disturbing websites. He easily defeated Gamingboy in a contest for the title. Doc has not posted so many lately, but he still shows a remarkable talent for finding pictures, links, information on really obscure topics within about thirty seconds. As far as the Internet is concerned, He Is The One.

The Traveling Whatburys

Doc is also known as an accomplished travel writer, often considered on a similar level as Bill Bryson. He has written accounts of his travels in Europe, Israel and on a trans-Canadian train journey, as well as those of other adventures such as skydiving.

He is also apparently Emperor Brunus Lombardicus of the Restored Roman Empire, whose territory currently consists only of the food hall in the West Edmonton Mall in Alberta.

Currently, he has met more AH.commers than any other member.

Troll Magnet

In an almost universal effect, every troll on - even the truly wacko ones who think that the moon landing was a hoax and your uncle works inside Cthulhu, peeling public trees on private land - always cite Doc as “the only really nice poster” or similar in their rants against Doc's response to this is always to spread his hands helplessly and mutter “They like me!”


  • Doc
  • The Doc
  • The Good Doctor
  • The Cunnilinguist
  • The Messiah
  • Bruno What
  • DW
  • B-man
  • The Whatster


Doctor What has invented or popularised numerous catchphrases, including:

  • I find that strangely arousing
  • I, for one, welcome our new overlords
  • I find your ideas intriguing and would like to subscribe to your newsletter.
  • Hmmm - that gives me an idea for an The Series episode…
  • Oy vey…
  • (On an amusing picture being posted) *clicks and saves*
  • I need a few moments in a dark room now…

Doc's posting style is distinctive because he likes using double hyphens ( - - ). Not to be confused with double hyperns, which is too frightening to contemplate. Role

Doctor What is commonly associated with the Chat forums, but also participates in AH Discussion, particularly when it involves his primary subject areas of anthropology and Canada. He is also a regular reader and commentator upon many of the stories in the Writer's Forum.

The Doc is the ultimate purveyor of Weird Links and Weird News Stories in Chat. An early attempt by Gamingboy to challenge him for this title failed miserably. Doc has also entertained the members with journal-style writings describing, for example, his trip to the Holy Land and the infamous Summer of Audrey. He owns two cats named Mynx and Sphinx.


Doctor What is usually not a major participant in political discussions, although he does often post news stories relating to them. He generally tends to the left side of the political spectrum, but his Civil Service status also grants him a certain neutrality. In the political sphere his sparring partner is fellow Government worker Grimm Reaper. Politics

The Doc founded his own party called the Whatian Party which contested the 2006 Elections and won one seat for himself. The party did not campaign in the 2007 Elections as he was away at the time, but he still stood in the Presidential poll. He did not win the Presidency, but as he was one of the Presidential Candidates that obtained a reasonable number of votes, Acting President Sargon decided to offer him a place in his Cabinet as a Special Cabinet Minister. The Whatster accepted and is now's Minister for Weird Affairs.

He is also the Chief Scientist of the Protectorate of Antarctica being based at Neu-Brunoland where he has a top secret base. So top secret in fact we're not sure if he's found it yet.


Doctor What has written various AH, sci-fi and comedy fiction, which can all be found at the Complete Works of Doctor What.

Some notable examples of his other works include:

During the run of The Series, he was one of its main writers and showrunners. See the Complete Works page for more info on the episodes he wrote and to learn about his writing for the series.

Doctor What is one of's published authors, and to his own surprise, he was recently recognised by a fan of his first published novel (Snake Oil).

Appearances in fiction

An eponymous character is the captain of the MES from The Series, and thus, one of the main protagonists of the series as a whole. By the time of The Next Generation and especially Enterprise, captain Doctor What has become a celebrated veteran of the's many expeditions.

In Luaky Commer Doctor What filled the Albus Dumbledore role, but he was also luakel's father.

Doc in Wars was the equivalent of Obi-Wan Kenobi.

The character of Bruno Lombardi in Thande‘s Moonstruck Trilogy was based on him.

There are also several different characters based on or named after him in Chris‘s works, most obviously “General Bruno Lombardi” in the Disunited States.

Appeared in Dial M for Elastic as Father Bruno What, a clergyman defrocked for his activity with the nuns.

Currently appearing in To Alien Shores... by Wanderlust as HMCS Yellowknife's Medical Officer, a half-deafened alcoholic.

Sourcebook Stats

Skill bonuses and penalties: Gets on with everyone (+10 charisma), Good storyteller (+5 Lore), Weakness vs. Departmental Audit (-10 Str, -10 Con), Socialised Medicine (chance to regenerate 1 hp per level per combat round), Bureaucracy (+8 dex)

Special Ability: Resurrection.

See Also

Mynx - His pet cat and her appearances in fiction.

Published Authors

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