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Grimm Reaper first appeared on the board to spread a miasma of despair and gloom using the cheerful and encouraging ‘signature’ of ‘If I wanted your opinion I would read it in your entrails’ and displaying his trademark ‘snarky' sense of humor and light-hearted cynicism towards politics and politicians. Matters have only deteriorated ever since.

Plays poorly with others. For a time Grimm Reaper appeared rather…combative in his discussions with other members of the board, especially Leo Caesius and Abdul Hadi Pasha. Given that he generally chose to debate both on matters of historical and cultural fact he was obviously just asking for trouble. In time Grimm learned a deep respect for both, particularly Leo, whose IQ on languages alone registers in four digits or more.

In addition an early conflict with Doctor What ended in an almost alarming bout of mutual respect and goodwill after Ian Montgomerie was forced to take action, after several epic struggles threatened the very fabric of our space-time continuum. Since that time a mutual griping about the civil service, deep cynicism towards politicians in general and a mutual affection for lesbian vampires have maintained the ceasefire.

At this period of time he began seeking less intellectually overwhelming foes to engage in screaming fits…ahem, learned discourse with, notably Tielhard and the Ubbergeek. He currently appears to be seeking to foment a blood feud with MrP regarding the merits of the skeletal chain-smoker Keira Knightly while also engaging kilngirl in some incredibly ill-advised and/or suicidal teasing.

However, of late he has been uncharacteristically, nay, alarmingly calm and good-humored and it appears nearly impossible to get a rise out of the fellow.

This has led to a split of opinions on the board. The majority, being more charitable, have concluded that a certain delayed onset of maturity may finally be kicking in. The rest simply assumed that Grimm Reaper’s latest deranged plan(s) is being set in motion and are stocking the bomb shelters accordingly.

On politics this civil servant appears to lean to the right, ironic in itself, and often appears most volatile when his support for Bush over Iraq clashes with his libertarian principles, general suspicion towards politicians as a class, and horror over Bush’s clear fiscal incompetence. In particular, on gay rights and abortion he fits extremely poorly into the right-wing and goes so far as to insist on calling opponents of abortion ‘anti-choice’, rather than the more common ‘pro-life’.

On television Grimm clearly feels that absolutely nothing is essential to his life but has displayed special hostility towards a certain cartoon which hijacked his persona and saddled it with a crash diet and a pair of obnoxious tykes named Bill and Mandy.

His attitude towards polling in general and pollsters in particular is beyond all hope of discussion in polite company.

He claims to have an amazing variety of skills but little evidence has been seen. His claim of talent at both mind control and hacking went astray of the board’s host and a site for puppies and no repeat attempt was forthcoming. Further, while he often offers useful ideas and popular signatures, not always deliberately, he has yet to provide any material beyond an incomplete tale entitled 'Summer of Audrey'. It is possible that this is due to his excessive commute to work, if a number of moaning posts are to be believed.

Indeed, little of his life has been conclusively pinned down, including his religion, his hairstyle(believed to be lacking), and even his sex. The number and condition of his pets has also fluctuated although a figure of one cat named Pumpkin is generally accepted while debate continues on whether this feline is an elderly plump cat with a poor leg or a genetically modified death machine. It may be no coincidence that Grimm Reaper was the first to accuse luakel of being a federal agent.

Grimm lately appears to have developed a means of political arguing in which he can disagree vociferously with you whilst appearing to agree with you. Notably, though a registered Democrat, he appears to feel an odd schadenfreude at the party failing to react properly to any news event.

Sad news

Sadly, Grimm Reaper passed away on March 8, 2013 after a long illness. The board, still trying to cope with robertp6165's death from just a few months earlier, mourned the loss of another respected long-term member (and good friend to many). Religions

On official religion Grimm enjoys no role in the Whatian hierarchy but was an early adherent and has often called for critics of the faith to be harshly punished for their heresy. He also is a strong supporter of Ianism, an eclectic faith which believes the founder of the board to be an all-powerful deity and has often called for critics of the faith to be harshly punished for their heresy. Finally he was an early believer in the tenets of Thandeism.

On the other hand, his attitude towards the rival sheepists and goatists has been less respectful, with incidental references in particular to power of the mint jelly consortium.

Appearances in Fiction

In The Series, he serves as Ward’s strangely loyal but often deranged sounding first officeron the, often displaying a desire to be amusing to those whose hopes he is crushing and property violating, while often followed by his loyal(?) cat, Pumpkin.

His other major appearances in works were been as the evil polling emperor in Luaky Commer and as the Emperor Palpatine equivalent in Wars.

He also appears as Vice President 'Kurt Shapiro' in Doctor What's Snake Oil.

In Enterprise, the MES-1's sloop is named The Reaper, in his honour. The spacecraft is a “Grimm class” vessel, in reference to the first half of his pseudonym.

See Also

Pumpkin - His pet cat and her appearances in fiction.

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