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He is American, but any further details are unknown.

In fact, GBW is renowned for being one of the most shadowy and elusive of all the Members, the more so because he has been around since the Old Board.

He is not to be confused with G. Bone or RGB.

Theories as to what GBW stands for

  • George Walker Bush (assuming dyslexia)
  • Great Big Waffle
  • Ground Breaking Wrestling

Known Facts

  • Flirted with kilngirl.
  • Was the Board's premier News Poster for a few months focusing on serious issues, as opposed to Doctor What's posting of more frivolous items.
  • Has been using the Internet since 1993.
  • Inhabits a Pacific state.


Yamania - An inhabited Antarctica scenario.

The Lost Regiment of Videssos - A fanfic story set in Harry Turtledove's Videssos series universe. In 2007, it won the Turtledove Award in the "Best Work Based on Published Fiction" category.


  • International Man of Mystery
  • Three Letters - One Legend.
  • Lord of Letters/Mr Consonants (as opposed to euio, Mr Vowels).


  • Well hello there, Kilny ;-)

In Fiction

In The Series, GBW is the Ship's second pilot. His character is sometimes neglected by writers, but often pops up with his catchphrase when the AH.commers are trying something truly crazy. He also is a frequent pilot of the shuttles.

Arguably GBW's initial lack of appearances eventually resulted in the birth of a deeper and more complex character than most in the Series, as he didn't have so much of a single schtick or catchphrase to be reduced to. GBW's deeper nature is glimpsed towards the end of Series 2 and throughout Series 3.

In Luaky Commer, GBW was initially used in the 'Neville' role (although he was in House Knowitall) but, after a nasty incident with Mynx, he vowed revenge and took on the 'Malfoy' role after the death of Romulus Augustulus, or Borat.

In WARS GBW was an assistant to General Ward and then fulfilled the General Madine role. Due to clever workarounds, a different GBW also appeared in the prequels in connection with the Kaminoans, which were re-set in his Yamania scenario.

In Chris' Multiverse War Book 6 (The Spacers) he gave his name to the Mayor of Ceres.

GBW inspired the character of Geoffrey Bradford Wilkinson in Thande's Moonstruck. A different Geoff Wilkinson appeared in There'll Always Be An England.

GBW also receives a brief cameo appearance in Doctor What's Snake Oil.

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