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A long-standing member of the Old Board and New Board (14 years and counting). A native of Montreal in Canada.

Claims to Fame

His Board role (as recognized by Diamond) is primarily to make obliquely relevant and disturbingly amusing comments on threads. He is the Archbishop of Bahaianism, the Duke of Maine, and the Earl of Sandwich. He is a member of the Heterosexual Reconquista. He used to prodigiously post in the Official Pics-of-Gorgeous-Women Thread.

His other hobbies include:

  • Shouting 'nooob noooooooob noob' at the more obviously noobish n00bs and then asking them to fetch him a beer.
  • Stargate.
  • Necromancing threads.
  • Reminding people not to quote graphics.

About the Name

The best prime number ever. fortyseven, sadly, used to enjoy Star Trek.


Nooooooooob noob noooooob


  • 47
  • Number 6
  • Good Prime Number

Notable Works

Shared Worlds participation

In the Sandbox Republic: - fortyseven was a member of the New Imperial Party. He successfully ran for the Congressional Assembly of the Sandbox Republic. - fortyseven served as Lord High Chamberlain. - fortyseven was created a Knight Commander of the Most Noble and Ancient Order of the Sealion.

In the Eternals roleplay, he portrayed the Eternal character of 47. Religions

fortyseven is the founder of Bahaianism. He is the latest Messenger of Ian. Politics

fortyseven was a member of the Whatian Party in the 2006 Elections and a member of the Keep Everything The Way It Was Before Party for the 2007 Elections. At the end of the 2008 Campaign, he joined the Yorkshire Socialist Party. Since 2007, he has been appointed to a Special Cabinet Position as Minister of Oblique Comments by Sargon. The Landsraad was fortyseven's idea and he pushed for its establishment. Fortyseven represented the YSP in the Landsraad from March to August 2009. Fortyseven joined the FFF Party when the YSP became inactive in August 2009.

In Culture

fortyseven is the first Regimental Chaplain of the Great Holy Grammar Inquisition. Fiction

In The Series, fortyseven is the teleportation tube operator on the CF.Net ship, basically a mirror position of G.Bone's own job on the ship. He's also a part of Kilngirl's engineering crew, the only other engineer on the ship. A “mirror universe” version of fortyseven, a Quebecois nationalist guerilla named “Quarantesept”, appears in the TL-191-spoofing episode “AMERICAN EMPIRE : THE HOLDER CANNOT SCENT”.

In Wars, fortyseven has featured both as a regular of Redem's Café Separatistique (parodying Monsieur Leclerc from 'Allo 'Allo) and as an Imperial lieutenant on the Death Tsar.

In Luaky Commer, fortyseven has yet to feature so far, but a role is being lined up for him in the potential fourth film (currently in development hell).

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