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Hawaiian member. A common contributor to both the main Discussion forum and also to Changing The Times.

Noted Works

Old Board works (if anyone forgets)

  • First Mosaic Earth {Falkland Islands, Hawaii}
  • Second Mosaic Earth
  • The Gates (with Nick Moran)

In Fiction The Series: Unintentionally, G.Bone's character has gradually become 'the guy who operates the teleporters'. He has been compared to Walter Harriman from Stargate SG-1 (although he is far less skilled with the teleportation system, this has lead to certain ship members expressing fear and disgust at using them). He also complains that he never gets to go on away missions.

There is some evidence that G.Bone's character is an idiot savant and sometimes makes astonishing breakthroughs purely by accident. G.Bone's incompetence with the teleporters led to the creation of the Giant Mosquito, but most of the other plot device teleporter errors in the series tend to have more to do with external factors than G.Bone screwing up.

G.Bone also (out of character), wrote episode 1×13, SYMPATHY DAY.

In Luaky Commer, G.Bone is the man who operates the castle's strange secret passages and similar, usually dressed in a suit of armour.

In Wars, G.Bone appeared as a Rebel fighter pilot, and also as the director Thande's assistant in charge of CGI.

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