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Dominus Novus

An unabashed narcissist from the old board with an interest in stuff. Was given the title of “creepiest member of” after some highly freaky pictures of himself were posted.


Historia Mundi - A TL set in antiquity.

In AH.Com The Series

The vain CF.netter got his comeuppance during the ASB invasion of the Hub. He and MerryPrankster were left in control of the captured ship. When the AH.commers attempted to reclaim the ship, Dominus was knocked out by Grey Wolf and bound by Thande, but was able to break through the knots.

He pursued Thande into his room, but the chemist broke a glass bottle full of acid on his face. Horribly burned, Dominus was forced to retreat back to the ship, where he was last seen lamenting his state. The extent of his facial injuries has not yet been determined.

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