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A British native of Durham (emphatically not a Geordie).

Claims to Fame

* Quite possibly the most sarcastic person in the entire universe.
* He's also the Protector of Cyprus.
* He also started the Landshark Offensive.


Quotes and catchphrases

  • Silence colonial! Now go back to being taxed without representation.
  • Germans! The only race on Earth who would rather talk politics than semi naked Asian women!
  • “Landshark enters the thread, looking sharper than (strange choice of metaphor)
  • (immediately follows up with) All right, why is the floor covered in (subject of thread) ?!
  • I came, I saw, I bitchsmacked his ass.
  • (In response to a member giving themselves a grand title) I've always seen you as more of a 'Susan'.
  • Agamemnon!
  • (In response to The Bald Imposter: After reading that, I forgive you everything, Landshark.) Terrific. Now I'll have to go and do some new stuff. :mad:
  • I've a theory that both left and right are actually all secretly members of the opposite political faction and that they're engaged in a scheme to discredit the other side.
  • After our women, our oceans, and our magnetic core, our apostrophes are the things most desired by aliens.

Landshark's Second Law

  • An arguement will be considered lost by the Party of the First Part (here after known as Steve) when Steve shall inform the Party of the Second Part (here after known as Ramona) that Ramona should already know why Steve's arguement makes sense and that it's not up to Steve to explain why Ramona should already know.

In Fiction

a.) In The Series

Landshark's character is the chief pilot of the Ship, but often gets drafted into the security service. Several writers have expressed problems with trying to write his character as anything other than 'Angry Brit', a characterisation which he tends to react with, er, anger to. He and IronYuppie are in a long-standing sexual relationship where IronYuppie is clearly the dominant partner.

In the opening episode of Series 4 of the Series, KUNG FU BOB VS. THE CLONEMASTER, Dave Howery had Ian temporarily have all the writers make Landshark a heroic and much-admired character, or Landshark55 as Thande put it. Although this was only meant to be a one-episode joke, Landshark has continued to appear in more heroic roles in subsequent episodes, and this has become something of a running joke.

Starting in the episode LUST SLAVES OF THE MONKEY GOD, he developed a new schtick by which he'd have a sudden flash of insight and, upon being asked to explain it, simply reply “Hey, I'm British!”

b.) Other works

In Luaky Commer, Landshark fulfils the Professor Flitwick role, teaching Alternate Culture.

In AH.COM WARS, Landshark was the real identity of 'Darth Gaydar' and luakel's father.

The character of Pete Chambers from Thande's Moonstruck was also based on him.

Appears in Doctor What's Snake Oil, as Peter Chambers.

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