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His name is often abbreviated to Psycho and occasionally when its a newish member/just a damned lazy ass typer, PM. Which in his mind always means either: Prime Minister, MrP, or a misspelling of MP (which is generally used to refer to MerryPrankster)

Claims to Fame

  • Not replying to PMs. Ever. Recently there was a spate of replies to PMs, this resulted in mass hysteria as he informed writers they have 15 minutes to correct 1000 word slabs of episodes so he can post them. The fact he'd had them for upwards of 6 weeks is immaterial. (Psychomeltdown enjoys his little plays at EIC power)
  • Starting stories and never finishing them.
  • Currently, drawing and writing a webcomic.

Psychomeltdown's Works

a.) Timelines

Most of these were never completed, as the author himself had confessed. All of these can be found in the Writer's Forum in the Discussion Board.

“Alterworld” - Set in the future where amoral characters ply trade between universes for profit.

“Shard of the Empire” - ISOT Race (Turtledove Lizards) to the 1500s.

“Side Worlds” - Occupation and subjugation of ATL Romans by a multinational corporation using demobilized soldiers from a war in OTL.

“In This World” - Major Cities are transported to the past where they are faced with the realization that they cannot survive without the infrastructure of the rural areas…

b.) The Series Episodes

c.) The Series Title Cards

So far, he has also created a funny illustrated title card for every The Series episode.

In Fiction

In The Series, Psychomeltdown is a member of the engineering crew. His role is minor, generally incompetent, and constantly arguing and fighting with Michael.

In Luaky Commer, Psycho was a Pornwatcher student and Michael's nemesis.

In Wars, he was the Governor of Najoisey.

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