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An influential AH.commer. Currently, Luakel has not posted in a long time, but his influence is such that he continued to star in The Series episodes and Luaky Commer.

Claims to Fame

Luakel joined in July 2005 and had pretty soon racked up more posts than all the other members put together. For this reason he was branded a spammer, although the majority of his posts were in fact non-spam…there were just an awful lot of them.

He was nicknamed Urkel by IronYuppie (who had misread his name without her glasses on), and this soon caught on.

luakel soon became a nemesis of Straha, and an avid participant in Homosexual Innuendo. Indeed, it was luakel who first quantified many of the practices of that pastime.

He was and remains's youngest member, and this has contributed to his being given 'Eternal n00b status'. After fighting this designation fruitlessly, he gave up and coronated himself King of the N00bs. (See also: Mantle of Eternal N00bishness).

Luakel is known as a major participant in Shared Worlds, particularly Glen's XXth Century project.

The idea of 'luakel clones' arose when luakel defeated Rommy's ridiculous Godmoding by claiming that all his poorly articulated attacks had, in fact, only killed 'yet another luakel clone'. The idea stuck, and luakel clones appeared regularly on The Series since then, possibly with a darker purpose behind them. They also inspired the Flocculgangers and Hendryklones.

Luakel has often been accused of really being an FBI agent (named Sam Ferguson) who is moving through the board looking for criminals. Why criminals would be hanging out on the board is never really explained. Agent Ferguson reportedly has two or three young daughters, and one son, who possibly could be demonkangaroo.One of his daughters is now in college and starring in Girls Gone Wild videos.

Baldian Smileyology

According to Baldian Smileyology, Luakel is associated with the :confused: smiley.

In Fiction

In The Series, Luakel joined the's crew along with Flocculencio after the ship visited a timeline where Singapore expanded into a major space based shopping district. As the youngest crew member, he displays a certain amount of child-like innocence and is often the victim of hazing.

Luakel's addition to the crew as a permanent member followed a long period when (while the real life luakel was begging to be included in the Series), writers would include him in progressively more insulting cameo roles, beginning with Dave Howery's LAND OF THE SUPERMODELS (an accomplishment of which Dave is immensely proud). Many of these “non-canon” luakels continue to appear, even with the real luakel a crew member. This reached an extreme stage in LUAKELS OF THE WASTELAND, when the entire planet was populated by luakel clones (partly so Dave and Doc could avoid giving any cameos to petulant n00bs).

Luakel has been the main character in two parodies written by Thande: Eponymously in Luaky Commer and as “Luak Slywanker” in Wars.

The character of Luke Stillsby in Thande's Moonstruck Trilogy was based on him.

Luakel also starred in Chingo's Lord of AH.

Appears as FBI Special Agent Ferguson in Doctor What's Snake Oil.

His clones appear in the first episode of the new The Next Generation. His clones command a single ship that blows up in the beginning of the episode.

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