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Formerly known as midgardmetal.

Midgard is a Ukrainian living in Colorado. His user name is a reference to the Heavy Metal band that he is a member of. He is considered an expert on all things Russian and Byzantine.

A prominent user of the Revolving Door, Midgard appears to be the only person capable of using it in reverse as well, as noted in May 2008.

Midgard is also the founder and administrator at, where he is known as Alex.

Founded Banhammer 40K.


a.) Timelines

b.) Novels And Stories Posted on

Flight Of The Locust (novel, Science Fiction/Space) - In a bleak future where humanity spreads through the universe like a swarm of hungry locusts, the unexpected happens - another species seems to have mastered the art of interstellar flight. In this battle, there can be only one winner - and the prize is the future of humanity itself!

* The Devil's Own (Novella - Alternate History/Time Travel)

The Second World War has taken an unexpected turn with the arrival of Russian forces from the year 2011 to win the war for the Motherland. All bets are off with the Russian Bear rising in the East - will it be stopped, or will history take a completely different direction?

* Link to the Story

* Ghosts Of Kremlin (Short story - Alternate History)

Take a short tour of Moscow in the aftermath of an alternate Cold War.

* Link to the Story

* Goliath (Short story - Rant)

This is the idea that eventually turned into “Samael”, a finished novel that is not posted at AH.COM in hope of getting it published.

* Link to the Story

* The Valley Spirit (Short story - Alternate History)

Set in Hendryk's Superpower Empire timeline, and a part of Tales Of A Superpower Empire series, this is a story of one woman's path to peace in a chaotic world.

* Link to the Story

* Imagine (Short story - Alternate History)

Part of Hendryk's Tales of the Superpower Empire series, a story of rock music and spiritualism set in alternate late 1980s China.

* Link to the Story

* Sodom And Gomorrah Send Their Regards (Short story - Alternate History)

Part of Hendryk's Tales of the Superpower Empire series, and a study of what would have happened had Billy Graham and his predecessors not popularized Evangelical Christianity amongst the middle class and the upper class Americans.

* Link to the Story

The God Of Thunder (short story - Fantasy) - Struggle of the old pagan gods to fit into the modern world. Starring Slavic deities Perun and Veles.

Nikaia (novel - Alternate History) - In an alternate world, the Byzantine Empire stood for centuries, never falling prey to outside enemies, and becoming the dominant power of Europe. However, winds of change are blowing, and one word is on the lips of nobles and commoners, intellectuals and soldiers, the word that will change it all - REVOLUTION!

The Madness Of Emperor Julian (novel, Alternate History/Dark Fantasy) - Julian the Apostate, the Emperor of Rome was the last to profess paganism, struggling against the coming tide of Christianity as it swept over his Empire, unable to overcome its onslaught. But what if he did not die on a battlefield in Persia, and got a sign he wanted, a sign that the fate of the world was on the tip of his sword? This is his story.

Proxima (novel, Science Fiction/Space) - Centuries into the future, the people of Earth have finally reached for the stars. This time, however, the stars called - and what the descendants of today's humanity find may shake up not only their world, but their very understanding of the universe.

The Right To Arm Bears (novella, Alternate History/Time Travel) - A sequel to “The Devil's Own”. The shadow of the Soviet Union under the leadership of Marshal Zhukov stretches across Europe, and beyond. No longer the cartoonish dictatorship, it is now a genuine superpower - perhaps the only one on Earth. But success has its enemies, willing to pay any price to bring it down… Will they succeed?

Some Travel Light (short novel/novella, Fiction/Spiritualism) - Some take long roads and much baggage to reach their destinations… and some travel light, followed only by what some may call the Spirit Guide. This is a story of one such travel.

Works On Extended Hiatus And Abandoned Works

After The Doomsday (novella, Alternate History/Science Fiction) - ATL Dark Ages Map sequel, written collaboratively with G.Bone. The final nuclear war destroyed much organized civilization in an alternate world where humanity reached for the stars centuries earlier, and where nations that became a footnote of history were once great powers. A Byzantine soldier waking up from cryogenic sleep; a desert nomadic trader; an old man with secrets. What binds them together? What lies ahead?

Empire And Twilight (short story, Science Fiction/Space) - Beginning of an old story, and an abortive attempt at a space opera genre.

The Amazing Adventures Of Viscount F. Nelson And Colonel Kit (novella, satire/Humor) - A parody of Victorian-era novels, set in the world where Stereotypical England rules the waves, the Stereotypical Russia feeds vodka to its many bears, and Stereotypical France surrenders to a drunk sailor screaming “Fellatio!” at the top of his lungs. Featuring a number of prominent members of AH.COM as characters.

Other Works (not posted on AH.COM)

Samael (novel, Time Travel/Introspective, finished) - Peter was an ordinary man with ordinary life, with common frustrations and usual regrets - that is, until he was offered a chance to go back and fix the mistakes he made, giving him a second chance he desperately desired. The journey takes him through a number of locales, from distant space-faring future to antebellum Paris to twelfth century Byzantium, and beyond, all the while testing his resolve, questioning his beliefs, and asking more questions on the nature of the universe, the nature of second chances, human emotions, and qualities.

Redshift (short story, Science Fiction/Space, finished) - Set in the same universe as “Flight Of The Locust”, this is the story of struggle between human and machine parts of an intelligence sent forth to conquer the stars for humanity unaware of its presence.


Byzantine and late Roman history and alternate timelines, modern Russia and other post-Soviet republics, strategy computer games, heavy metal


Midgard is generally considered to come from the right side of the spectrum (which is ironic since he's a socialist), and has occasionally been involved in rather hot arguments about Israel's right to defend itself, having generally supported Israel's position (albeit not without certain reservations) in the conflict. Midgard has on many occasions expressed his support for space exploration and colonization. Politics

Midgard founded the EVIL Party to contest the 2006 Elections. He subsequently became Prime Minister of the Parliament.

In the 2007 Elections he once again led his party in the campaign and also stood for the Presidency. However, during this time a heated debate unrelated to the elections caused him to leave the board as he'd had enough of certain subjects upsetting him. He personally selected Sargon to be party leader and Presidential candidate. The EVIL Party went on to increase it's number of seats in the Parliament and Sargon won the Presidency in Midgard's name.

Midgard is currently regarded as the Spiritual Leader of the EVIL Party and President in Absentia. Sargon, as Acting President formed a coalition with the YSP and created two new Vice President posts, one of which he offered to the leader of the YSP, Thande, whilst reserving the other for hiself to step down into should Midgard decide to come back at some point.

In Fiction

In The Series, Midgard has recently joined the CF.Net crew, although various alternate versions of him had been employed in minor roles throughout the previous episodes.

He also had a leading role in Chris's epic Outside Context Problem.

Part of the cast in Doctor What‘s Extinction Event, in which he appears as Victor Ayzenberg.

Appears as 'Alexei' in Doctor What's Snake Oil.


Formerly known as midgardmetal before changing the username to simply Midgard, as everyone called him that anyway.


He is a frequent Byzantium player in Europa Universalis II.

Also, he is a lead singer in a heavy metal band Midgard.

Midgard was the founder and Admin of the now-defunct discussion board, with the name Alex. He seems to spend his time there and not here.

As of early 2016, Midgard has superceded with a brand new and smaller, writing-focused forum, The Writer's Ark.

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