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Abdul Hadi Pasha


A now-banned long-time member of the Board. He's been around since the Old Board, where he used to have arguments with an Armenian, Rafi Issoghlian, about the Armenian Genocide. Had a long break from the Board but recently returned. Appears to have left again after being kicked during a discussion with Susano about nationhood. Expert on the Ottoman and Byzantine empires. Now has returned once more through the revolving door originally installed for Midgard, a device which has proven useful for people who take a break from the site to use.

Often shortened to 'AHP'. Is known for being able to twist questions about, say, the American Civil War or Bangladeshi politics into a discussion of how great the Ottoman Empire was.

He was eventually banned in 2011 for repeated insults against Ian and other board members. This caused many arguments in the Hall of Infamy.

The Pasha and Wikipedia

Abdul is also well-known for frequently condemning Wikipedia for its lack of factual accuracy. Abdul's opinion on Wikipedia is well reflected in the following quotes:

“(…) I could give a rat's ass, and even then I probably wouldn't, because it's Wikipedia, which was given to us by Satan to end history.”

“I just looked at the Wikipedia article - what a disaster! The talkback page is longer than War and Peace. They should shoot Wikipedia and put it out of its misery. And perhaps save the world in the process.” (when looking at the entry on the Kosovo issue) Politics

Abdul was one of the Legendary Board Members, and it was felt that he deserved a Special Cabinet Post, especially since we love Ottoman Zeppelins and he has a thing for good grammar. Thus, he was appointed as one of the few non-party members and non=MPs to be awarded a Cabinet post as Minister of Grammatical Correctness & Ottoman Zeppelins by Acting President Sargon.

He is also currently the Sultan of the Moon having been appointed as such by Sargon. His personal Janissaries make up the elite forces stationed there.

In fiction

Was a crew member for a time of the Ship in the The Series.

Appeared as a two-headed race commentator (with Rafi) in Wars.

Has cameo roles in Luaky Commer as a member of the Tommy Cooper Fan Club, an Ottoman secret society.

Appeared in Dial M for Elastic as Captain Abdul Hadi Pasha of the Ottoman Zeppelin Corps.

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