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kilngirl member from Idaho, USA. As her name suggests, she was one of the few female members. Because of this, she was feared by the majority of the Board, although GBW and Floid have attempted to flirt with her. 09camaro has been granted several comments from her in the “Say something nice about the poster above you” thread, and as such gained his respect… this could be a sign of her eventual downfall.

She once worked under Dave Howery, who knows her real name and location, of course, but has never told (all offered bribes have been insufficient).

Best known for posting jokes. Known to be interested in pottery and Evil, as well as telling the board's teens to stop stalking her. This has not apparently had any effect thus far.

Kilngirl was vitally important in starting the Heterosexual Reconquista and often practices Heteroendo with Doctor What, GBW, Floid and Thande. Sometimes all at once. Eek. On a few occasions she had also even practiced Lesboendo with IronYuppie.

Kilngirl became engaged to Doctor What in Oct.24,2010.

Baldian Smileyology

According to Baldian Smileyology, Kilny is associated with the :p smiley.

In Fiction

In The Series, she was the Chief Engineer on the ship, after the demise of its previous Chief Engineer. Previously to this, various versions of Kilngirl appeared in several cameo roles, most particularly in Doctor What's episodes The (sorta-kinda-maybe) Next Generation and Ave, B’Harny

She featured in Luaky Commer, her character serving as a composite of different Harry Potter characters. She also appeared in a more major role, as the Princess Leia analogue, in Wars.

Part of the cast in Doctor What‘s Extinction Event, in which she appears as 'Karla' – wife of 'Erikka' (aka IronYuppie).

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