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An member residing in California. It is impossible to say exactly where, because he migrates frequently.

Claims to Fame

Diamond is known for being a former U.S. Navy submariner, an optician, and for not wearing pants. (See: Pantslessness).

He founded the Reformed Sheepism Church.

His brother is believed to have once spammed the Board.

He also came up with the infamous Naked Santa Picture.

He also is distinguished for having been the board member most absolutely disliked by MEJ, far above the rest of the members.

Much like Psychomeltdown, Diamond has started numerous short stories which he cannot seem to finish…

More recently, Diamond has started using smileys in a disturbing way, such as “I'm going to dance on your grave! :-) ” This may be inspired by his old nemesis edvader.

Even more recently, Diamond got banned for supporting Stirling.

Role on the Board

Diamond is acknowledged by most to be the best map-maker on the Board. He founded the Map Thread and long remained its most prominent contributor. However, he has the modesty of a saint and claims that TheLoneAmigo is better; of course, only the true Mapsiah would deny his own divinity.

Noted Works


Diamond is generally considered to come from the right side of the political spectrum, but becomes disgruntled when it is suggested that this means he is also some sort of religious fundamentalist.

Baldian Smileyology

According to Baldian Smileyology, Diamond is associated with the :) smiley. Series

The Series version of Diamond fulfils a number of roles, including sarcastic comic relief, acting as medic when Torqumada is not present, and others.

He left the ship in episode 4×21: THE MAPSIAH to become captain of the Mercator. This was deemed a fitting send-off by divers AH.commers.

In other fiction

Diamond appeared in Luaky Commer as the owner of 'J. Diamond's Bookstore'.

He also appeared in AH.COM WARS as the second commander of the Overcompensator, in the Captain Piett role.

Part of the cast in Doctor What‘s Extinction Event, in which he appears as James Taylor.

Sourcebook Stats

Skill bonuses and Penalties: Submariner (+3 Dex, Con, Str when submerged. -2 Dex, Con, Str when exposed to sunlight), ex-USN (-3 Cha, +3 Con in port cities, +3 Str when drunk), Ability to communicate with sea mammals, breathe underwater, drink like a fish

Special Ability: Run Silent, Run Deep (+2 Hide, -2 to all enemy spot, listen checks when atempting to detect Diamond)

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