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Grey Wolf

Grey Wolf has been a member of since the days of the Old Board and is a true veteran of the online alternate history writing community.

He hails from Peterborough, England, although now lives in deepest Wales.

Claims to Fame

Grey Wolf is noted due to his penchant for royalty, especially in regards for all of the members of the former Kings/Queens of Europe, and his (in)complete research can be seen in this thread: Grey Wolf's Royal Family Trees.


The Complete Works of Grey Wolf can be found by clicking that link. The page includes many of GW's famous stories and both his old and more recent work.

Saving the Infinity Wanderers site...

When Fortune City went under in 2012, GW thought that he had lost the entirety of his very first AH site, Infinity Wanderers. Luckily, as documented in this discussion,'s Wayback Machine came to the rescue. Most of GW's older writings, as well as contributions to the site by guest authors, had been successfully retrieved and preserved.

Websites - Grey Wolf's main project, a site dedicated to promoting and examining alternate history fiction by various authors. It is the official home of Alternate History Fiction Magazine (AHF Magazine), an anthology periodical for AH fiction and related AH content (available in various e-book formats and also print-on-demand).

Grey Wolf's site - Personal author site.

Magazine publishing

Innovate Magazine (now discontinued): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

AHF Magazine (ongoing, part of the AHF site, read its article to find out more) Politics

Since Grey Wolf is regarded as a Legendary Board Member, he is one of the non-Members of Parliament and those with no party affiliation to be appointed to the Cabinet by Acting President Sargon.

In Culture

The Coronis Lupus Incanus was named for him, as he was for a long time's Most Postingest Member.

Appearances in Fiction

In The Series, he is usually depicted with a unicorn and a bottle of alcohol. He is also one of the original crewmembers of the Ship. When writing the The Movie, Psychomeltdown considered Grey in the captain role, which was eventually given to Doctor What.

Grey appears in Wars as 'Greyce Wolfu', the Mace Windu analogue. He is perpetually confused by being described as a 'badass motherf__ker' in the script, as he is uncertain what this actually entails.

Rather inevitably, he also appeared in Luaky Commer as the Remus Lupin analogue.

In Max Sinister's Stories from the Chaos Timeline he appears as Gray Wolvertone, court chronicler of New Albion. A kind of appropriate cameo role for him, as his character there also mentions the country's “Plethora of Princes”, in a nod to Grey's own TL.

Appearances in AH fiction on other sites

And finally… of old, he still stars as Captain Joachim von Wolferein of the cruiser Regensburg in Jim's Letterstime series on the old Warships1 Naval Fiction Board.

See Also

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