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One of the board's few female members and as a result held in fear/awe by the majority of the board. IronYuppie is noted for many things, amongst them for birthing The Overlord. She can often be seen putting down Landshark in one form or another.

IronYuppie reacted to the growing strength of another upcoming prominent female member, Kilngirl, by challenging her to a catfight which eventually turned into lesbian mud wrestling and then they divided the world between them in a Treaty of Torsedillas type thing. Most of the board's heterosexual male population didn't recover for weeks.

Role on

IronYuppie has taken on many roles in, one of them is acting alongside the venerable Doctor What as the father, as an ad-hoc mother to young Luakel whom she adorably calls Urkel. She is also noted for the mischief she causes with her camera – someone needs to take it off her, seriously.

In Fiction

IronYuppie features prominently in the The Series. The only full-term female member of the crew, she and Landshark are almost inevitably seen together. She's portrayed as a dominatrix, and has a lot of sarcastic banter going with Landshark, her (literal) whipping boy.

Part of the cast in Doctor What‘s Extinction Event, in which she appears as 'Erikka' – wife of 'Karla' (aka Kilngirl).

Has a brief appearance in Doctor What's Snake Oil.

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