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The MES (named in honour of the real life is the nemesis of the MES ship in The Series.

The MES began its life as a battleship commanded by the Neanderthal Multiverse Empire when it began its invasion of The Unity's universe. Admiral Ward managed to take the ship, along with two others and within the hidden shipyards of the Asteroid Belt refitted and re-crewed the ships with Human Unity crew.

After the victory over the Invading Neanderthals and the subsequent destruction of the Neanderthal home world, the ship was placed on picket duty to prevent any further attacks upon the Human Unity.

At this time came a new threat, in the form of a universe hopping machine creature that destroyed planets, called the Devourer of Worlds. The and other ships attacked and were successful in forcing the creature to flee, the on its trail.

Badly damaged and much of its crew dead, the was lost in the myriad of universes. It would be many years later before Ward returned found his home universe.

Although the is described as being a sister ship of the and the, unlike the other two it is equipped with a very powerful, and rarely used, main cannon.

The MES and MES, as they appear on the title card of the episode OF SHIPS AND CAPTAINS.

Crew Members

The ship has seen a fairly consistent rotation of crew members, due to a lot of them dying off, or in the case of MerryPrankster and his mutineers, attempting a failed coup and getting killed while attacking a ship with a shuttle.


All three episodes of the Counterfactual miniseries were written by Psychomeltdown.




Additional Episodes

Plans are murky for additional centric miniseries/episodes.

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