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Ward is an AH.Commer hailing from Michigan. He often attempted to fix up his granddaughter with luakel or EvolvedSaurian. He now seems to have settled on Doctor What due to his life insurance policy.

Ward often threatens people with his slideshows, the contents of which are unknown - as no one has ever survived the experience to tell the tale.

Famous quotes:

  • Get your head outta your ass, boy!

In The Series

In The Series, Ward is the commander of the ship. He is well-known for threatening to force his crew to watch his slideshows and spacing the disobedient. He views Doctor What as a traitor for taking the ship and fleeing in the first battle with the Devourer of Worlds and has made it a priority to kill him.

Ward appears in the General Rieekan role in Wars (and has a considerably more badass departure).

In Luaky Commer, he is Luaky's uncle.

Admiral Ward was mentioned in Chris's Bootstrap (The Multiverse War 5) as the final commander of the Human Defence Force. He met his death, along with 99.9999% of the remaining human race, in the Final Battle of Earth.

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