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Jord839 aspires to be one of the “Writer Chimps”, and is a skilled comedy writer. He is the head producer and editor of The Next Generation, albeit an irresponsible and lazy one. While he enjoys writing, he loses interest fast and needs to be pestered to continue a project. Hailing from the Cheesehead state of Wisconsin, Jord839 is a sophmore college student, major unknown. Jord is a dedicated anti-monarchist, and of a Progressive political viewpoint. He frequents pretty all the forums, being too addicted to the site to leave any stone unturned. Weak-willed fool.

Writings on

Jord839 is a dedicated and amusing author, some of his notable works include: The Next Generation episodes:

"The Replacements", episode I, Season I.

"Over the Trope", episode VI, Season I.

Jord839 also briefly attempted a TL that he hijacked from Pudget SoundCo-op all Sci-fi which has since fallen into the dark depths of the ASB forum due to his losing interest.

Appearences in Fiction

Jord839 has appeared in many roles at AH.Com. Including:

As one of the “idgy-widgy-kiddywinky-nooby-woobies” in AH.Com Wars Episode 3: Syringe of the Miffed

Appeared in several of August Akuma as Jordan Maxwell in Harry Potter and Warhammer 40k, as Jordan Schneider in “The World of Lost Tomorrow”

As a Space Janissary of the Vendetta in the The Series episode “The Gates of Dawn, Part II”.

As the navigator of the MES Stranger in AH.Com TNG.

As the cocky and self-centered gunner Jordan Schneider in TheDarkServant's new sci-fi story. Located here

As himself in Hashasheen's Hashasheen:Legacy of the Insane.

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