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Tyr (until recently Leej) has been around since the times of the Old Board.

He comes from County Durham, though is also around 40% Irish and lived in Sligo for many years post-spawning. He officially holds a British and a Irish passport and unofficialy several others under various noms-de-plume.

Leej underwent his formative schooling in the wilds of northern England (and presumably Ireland though no memories of there being any sort of school here can be found) and his college years tramping around Durham. He has a degree in some sort of computer related stuff from Newcastle University (where for obvious reasons he once lived) and also went to university in Amsterdam, Holland.

Leej believes that the British Empire was the best thing ever to happen to the world for its great contributions to global progress and the only understandable reason to disagree with this is nationalism. He also believes however that modern Britain needs to learn from the more advanced continent of Europe.

Currently he is in Sweden where he hopes to learn the secrets of modern civilization so he can help his impoverished homeland to develop to European standards.

His politics are firmly progressive, i.e. what he describes as rational socialism.

He sometimes tries to write but can't.

He likes broken sentences with no relation to the prior ones.

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