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Canadian poster with an infamously hard-to-spell name. (Also known as Zyyzyva, Zyvzza, Zyzzva, Zyyzyzyzyzzzyyzyyyzyva, Mr Z, Z-Man, Captain Zed, The Zedster, Zyzyzyzyzyzyz-whatever, and so on.) His name is also sometimes considered “Unpronounceable”, although his name is pronounced ZUH-zuh-vuh or zih-ZEE-vuh (depending on what part of the wiki you believe). The misspellings of his name are usually accompanied by a pronunciation somewhat like “zizzy vizier”.

Once made 750,000 slices of toast. More recently got a job making beavertails (wiki it) and became so indoctrinated by that he was not only seeing the maps of various historical nations in them, but even distinguishing between pre- and post-Winter War Finlands.

Is the only known inhabitant of Earth who admires John Major. Is scarily mathematical. Has a rather non sequiturish attraction to the European Union, apparently because getting rid of all those pesky international borders and distinct cultures makes the paperwork more straightforward.

Introduced the forum to TV Tropes, of which he is perhaps the greatest advocate, being capable of posting posts in which every word is linked to a trope. Because of this, often hard to understand if you are not familiar with the language of that site.

After becoming incensed at people's (read: Americans') ignorance of Canadian history (e.g. “Toronto joins the American Revolution!”) started a popular thread to educate people on the subject.

He has a number of nemeses, most famously Susano, for reasons no one can quite remember. Joined the German Hivemind purely for the purpose of disagreeing with him.


Started writing an ASB timeline called Falling Off the Edge of the World, currently on hiatus.

Wrote twoepisodes for the series.

He has also started writing a novella called “Righteous and Harmonious Fists”, also currently on hiatus.

In Fiction

Had a brief role as a Rebel technician in Wars and a more major one in the Arthur Weasley role in Luaky Commer.

Has appeared in The Series in a number of minor roles, such as Deputy Mayor to Jolo in CITATION NEEDED and THE ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN.

Has a brief appearance in Doctor What's Snake Oil.

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