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An American member from San Francisco (and proud of it).

Initially joined the board as “Frank Walker” in November 2008. After being banned, he rejoined in June 2009 as FDW. Eventually, he came clean about being a sockpuppet out of guilt, but IAN, in his infinite mercy, allowed him to stay. He was subsequently banned in 2014 in the aftermath of Black October


First burst onto the scene with the ASB County map games, he later went ahead and created a few ongoing timelines of his own:

-"Many Shades of Black" A Timeline that FDW describes as an “Elsewhere-Crack Fic” currently in it's first arc.

-BARTwank FDW's other, more well researched Timeline that takes a peek into a different kind of AH, a smaller scale TL that focuses upon an alternate development of the San Francisco Bay Area, with allusions to much much more. Already has a spinoff in the form of Aeromaxx's "A Road Not Taken" which focuses upon the Development of an AH Denver metro, it takes place in the same TL as BARTwank.

-"A New Pokemon Region: Diverso-Chaotica" Not so much a timeline, but a collective attempt by FDW and several other AH.commers to come up with ideas for their own pokemon fan region, needless to say, it didn't really get anywhere.

-Lucky Eight: A Tale of Grander USFL Another Timeline that didn't really go anywhere, but more due to lack of research than any sense of disillusionment with the premise (we think).

-The Great Bear Run: A Tale of the Collapse of '08 Got rave reviews for the idea, but like most of FDW's works, went nowhere.

-The Great Change: A Wild Ride This work was intended to be a spin off Caesar's TL The Great Change: A Veil Lifted Got nowhere, but FDW has stated somewhere that he wants to get back to it someday.

he also has plans for other projects, among them:

-“A G-Bahn in Hollywood”: takes place in the BARTwank universe but takes a look at what happens in the southern half of the State in the same time period.

-“Thrusting Forward, Onward”: also takes place in the BARTwank universe, this time focusing upon the Pacific Northwest (as in Seattle, the only important city in the region that isn't vancouver or Portland.)

-“For Want of a Voice”: also takes place in the BARTwank universe, but takes a larger more nationally (as in US based) based approach to what happens with transit and urban development.

-“An Arrow, A Sword, and An Axe”: An Attempt at making the Code Geass Universe Realistic.

-TL-191 Remix: an attempt at making TL-191 more epically awsome.

-StrikeWitches Remix: another attempt at remixing a series, this time adding in much more history to the mix.

-1600: A series that also takes place in the BARTwank universe, but is removed from the Transit-based premise of the earlier series, instead this series will go into the politics and global situation of the BARTwank TL, and the most importantly, why the BARTwank universe was placed in the ASB and Magic section of the site in the first place.

Sadly, FDW has been unable to write these works, due to his chronic tendency to get distracted by anything and everything.

Personal stuff

Is also a fan of Anime and Manga in addition to western comics, has recently read and enjoyed the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, reads three dozen webcomics on a Daily basis, and is an obsessed fan of Gender-Bender, particularly Rule 63, which says “there is an opposite gender version of a character, no exceptions” which FDW has found to be true. Also Known for strange obsession with BEFRIENDING people, which if the MLG Nanoha interpretation is taken literally, means he wants to beat someone (usually Jerkasses or Idiots) within an inch of death, ask them what it is that made them so whatever they were, then forgive them for who they are while they're recovering from crippling wounds, and end up having them as an Heterosexual life partner afterwards, in that order. Also Known to bring up chicken as a potential solution to any and all problems even if the problem doesn't involve chicken.

FDW and Culture

Has a weird complex with Fenrir_Angerboda, seeing as a rival to surpass, this played a big part in FDW becoming one of the writers for The Creepy Teen Years In part due to this, FDW has become attempted to become chummy with NothingNow with mixed results, as FDW's constant efforts to seek approval from NothingNow has had come off as being somewhat smarmy. NothingNow seems to find all that drama exasperating, yet still tries to play referee, perhaps finding some enjoyment in all of it.

In Fiction

Participant in the Eternals roleplay, where he plays the character of Markus Valkert, a rather… kooky and unconventional (but hilarious) Eternal…

In Enterprise, an analogue of him is the captain of the MES-1 Allohistory. Though a father to his crew and more competent than the's captain from The Series, FDW's character is described as “still a bit of a screw-up”.

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