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Recurring Characters from The Series

  • Atta - Former ruler of the Reunited Neanderthal Multiverse Empire, last seen being captured by a joint force of Neanderthals and Unity Humans after having given birth to Doctor What's children
  • The Fallen - the main antagonists in many of the episodes, including Mike Collins, Molobo, radical_neutural, and later on, even Straha.
  • The Germans - a band of mercenaries, made up of all the German members
  • Bobo - Torqumada's pet disembodied brain, created in an experiment gone wrong.
  • MrP - owner of a bookstore in the Hub, who also is a source of information.
  • Google Spiders - A recurring villain/monster mainly in the first two seasons of the show.
  • IronYuppie's Victims - IronYuppie had a stash of victims hidden in her dungeon, first seen in “AFTER CUBA” and referenced in later episodes. So far the dungeon includes: versions of DraconisNoir, redrover and N-reD from “AFTER CUBA” ; the tentacle monster from “DO THE ANIME-TION”; 'Casanova' (an alternate supposedly superpowered Romulus Augustulus) from “C-MEN”; and, whenever he falls into there by accident, luakel. Queen Anactoria of the Lesbians briefly joined them, before the Victims took over the ship in CASINO IMPERIALE and then, after being defeated, fled for parts unknown.
  • Dave's Canada-destroying Mechs - first seen in HEY HEY WE'RE THE MONKEYS with the prototype, Grover. Later he was joined by Bert and Ernie, but they were stolen by the PoleTrolls in CITATION NEEDED and destroyed in battle. New replacement Mechs, Oscar, Telly and Elmo, were seen in THE ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN.

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