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aka, Kitjed23

A British member from Wales (though nowadays, he mostly works in England). Kit was a long time lurker on the Old Board, but has become a regular participant in the chat forums over the last few years. He still lurks on the main history forums (occasionally posting on European industrialisation, and Twentieth Century politics threads).

Kit spends most of his time exchanging homoendo with various willing members of the board, both gay and straight, especially 'the sexy bugger' aka 'Fellatio Nelson'. He sees it as his duty to convert as many suitable (ie, good looking) board members to the wonderful world of gaysexuality and to enthrall, entertain, and mentally scar the others with his wit, style and natural erudite crudity.

He has successfully prised 'Nek', a 15 year old Leicesterian out of the closet, but now finds himself, along with his partner in crime 'Fell', pursued relentlessly by the precocious and perpetually hormonal adolescent.

He has long pursued the 'fabulous glutes' of Leo Caesius, but has yet to experience the joys that lay within.

He has a thing for green-eyed Italians.

He lost his virginity at 16 in the disabled toilets of the Empire State Building in New York to a thirty year old American in short shorts while his family took pictures on the viewing platform outside. Thande, for some obscure reason, as never stopped ragging him about this.

Kit is well known for starting really, really long threads.

Having worked for some time at the Houses of Parliament, he famously head-butted David Cameron and also (for the sake of political neutrality) got John Prescott in the kidneys with a tray in the canteen. Having retired from this career of political extremism, he then got himself a law degree in Wales.

Baldian Smileyology

According to Baldian Smileyology, Kit is associated with the ;) smiley.

In Fiction

In the The Series and the Movie, Kit is a member of the MES, theoretically responsible for Communications. In practice of course his role is to make innuendoey quips and get into hilarious sitcom situations.

In Luaky Commer, Kit is a student in Fudgepacker House.

In Wars, Kit is the Yoda figure and founder of the Kitjedi.

In A Pirate Novella, Kit is the bosun of the Pseudoantidisestablishmentarian.

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