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DaSla (formerly DarkSlavik) member. Noted for his claim to command legions of Fascist Gerbils, and, in a 19th century setting, Steampunk Gerbils of Doom. Located on 'that airship to the left'.

His name is taken from the Brotherhood of Nod's Commander Slavik in the Command and Conquer games.

He and VulcanTrekkie45 are also each other's doppelgangers.

Nicknamed “DS” and, therefore, logically enough, “Nintendo” (by Roberto)

Maps and Design

Darkslavik uses unusual or intriguing colors at times in maps.

Darkslavik models stuff in 3D at times.

In Fiction

In The Series, DarkSlavik has appeared in a number of minor roles in different episodes. He was forcibly inducted into the crew in a raid led by MerryPrankster against overwhelming odds and has created an army of monsters for Ward.

DarkSlavik also appeared as a Thai fighter pilot, alongside Darkest90, in Thande's Star Wars spoof Wars.

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