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Straha was one of the most recognized members of early and a self-described troll. He joined the site in 2002 after about a year of lurking, quickly becoming a divisive poster given his abrasive personality, typo-making and early habit of reposting others scenarios without always crediting them. Some people however appreciated his unusual scenarios and somewhat dark (if heavily meme-centered) sense of humor, giving him a kind of cult following. Straha took his user name from a Race character from Harry Turtledove's Worldwar series.

Recurring elements in his timelines included: an American owned Mexico, large German and South African (see Domination of Draka) powers, large empires in the modern day, and other events typically seen as as very dystopic by others. Often these elements extended to DBWI, which he admitted to enjoying derailing. He had a long standing feud with certain posters such as luakel and Nekromans). He was one of the first to introduce memes and image macros, another habit that did not endear him. He was also one of the main contributors to the Sheep Thread when it was still open.

Straha's favorite areas of Alternate History were The Napoleonic Era, The Age of US manifest destiny, the sectional crisises from 1820-1860/American civil war, Age of colonial empires, World War One, the interwar era, The cold war, Future history and non-ISOT Alien Space Bats scenarios. He had a long standing hatred of ISOT scenarios, Sealion and 'Anglowank' scenarios that he was quite vocal about.

Straha's favorite published works of alternate history were: the Draka series by S.M. Stirling, The colonization/homeward bound series by Harry Turtledove, Peshawar Lancers by S.M. Stirling, Number of the Beast by Robert Heinlein, Two Dooms by C.M. Kornbluth, A different flesh by Harry Turtledove, Job: a comedy of justice by Robert Heinlein and GURPS Alternate Earths 1/2/GURPS Infinite worlds.

Straha's favorite unpublished online alternate histories were: Strange Days by Mr_ Bondoc, Without an Eclipse: Higher goes the Rising Sun by Darkest, Dark America by Scott Palter, Superpower Empire China 1912 by Hendryk, The Franco-American War of 1798 by Blochead, Decline and Fall of the American Empire (1980-2090) by Midgard, The Chiapas Revolt timeline by Blochead, Earth Ascendant by Darkest.

Ultimately, Straha was banned for antagonizing Landshark mere days after returning from being kicked. He tried to return as the sockpuppets Poison Frog, Bill Mochachinno, Fungi of Yuggoth, and Archon, without success. After that he went to the Counterfactual History forum where he now posts under the same name.

Interestingly, despite being banned and long since swearing off sockpuppetry he continues to exert creative influence indirectly. This is through suggestions for new threads or additional (credited) contributions to existing threads. This is due to his few remaining friends on site.

Relations with other AH.commers

Straha's rivals/enemies on consisted of: iokua, Hashemite, luakel, Imajin, Fellatio Nelson, Kit, radical_neutural, Michael E Johnson, Othniel and Nekromans.

Straha's friends on consisted of Mako-Chan (formerly Stalin Malone),General_Paul, Darkest, Agentdark, Mike Collins, Mr_ Bondoc, Highlander, chunkeymonkey13q, Romulus Augustulus, and Midgard.

Another poster Straha talked to on AIM was Trotsky, who he ran into on Alternia's successor board.

Claims to Fame

He had done 4 major timelines: A confederate victory timeline, a revised version of Strange Days, a revised Draka timeline, and an 'odd 20th century/President Eugene McCarthy' timeline (which he has personally disowned). On account of his bannings, Straha has yet to do anymore timelines.

He wrote an infrequently updated series on his website. Straha also attempted a Race/Worldwar short story in the Writer's Forum but that didn't pan out.

Straha was kicked more times than anyone can count.

Straha was one of the few members on who do not participate in Shared Worlds at all.

Straha was a longtime Member, until he was banned in 2006.

Straha was an occasional contributor to the Map Thread.

Straha posted multiple images of Adolf Hitler, in almost every open thread on He claims this was his last trip to as of 2007. This has yet to be disproven.





<insert the lyrics from the fresh prince of Bel Air's opening theme into any long post>

In Fiction

In the Series, Straha played the role of a fat, abrasive, but slightly lovable, atheist pothead on the ship. He's often stoned out of his mind, and this leads to a love-hate relationship with the strongly religious Othniel, who often tries to steal his pot and convert him. He abandoned the ship when Doctor What tried to destroy the Hub, he teamed up with Mike Collins, much to his distress.

Straha appeared in Luaky Commer as the 'Stoned Philosopher' and in AH.COM WARS as a violent barfly who intimidated Luak Slywanker.

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