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Timelines of The Series

The Ship has visited a large number of timelines since The Series began. This page will list them in chronological order of first visit and attempt to give them names so they can be referred to in passing. The episodes in which the TLs feature are bulleted after the description.

Airships World

First TL visited in the Series, where the AH.commers first meet the Mirror Crew.

After Cuba World

A timeline where the Cuban Missile Crisis went hot, it's now a hundred years later, and the great powers lie in the southern hemisphere.

Pacc-Menh TL

Location of the unobtainium-containing asteroid field inhabited by the Pacc-Menh.

Generic Urban TL

First TL visited in BROKE DOWN AGAIN. Doc What tries to chat up a transsexual hooker.

Primitive Aztec World

Another TL visited in BROKE DOWN AGAIN.

Advanced Aztec World

Another TL visited in BROKE DOWN AGAIN.

Cheese World

A bizarre ASBy timeline. The Roman Empire discovered America, there's no Islam, the Thirteen Colonies failed to win the Revolutionary War, the Confederacy successfully seceded from the Union and then allied with the Nazis to win WW2…er…?


The Hub is a very important location in the Series, a vast city/space station which lies in an empty timeline and can be accessed from many others. The Hub is ruled by the Administration (also called the Hub Lords to avoid confusion with the Administratum of Ban, see below), whose representative is Ian. Episodes to feature the Hub include:

Hank Fletcher's World

A deserty world dominated by a Baathist Arab state ruled by Hank Fletcher.

Hamsters World

A dystopia ruled by an atheist regime and its Inquisition (though, of course, this has changed by the end of the episode).

Charlton Heston World

An Earth which combines lots of references to Charlton Heston films. The Americas have been almost deserted due to a plague and are now populated by cannibal cultists led by Doctor What's alternate Father What. The Old World is hugely overpopulated and eats Soylent Green.

Prettiest TL

A world very similar to our own, except Canada is part of a North American Union with the USA…which Canada dominates; China and France have combined into a superpower, and there's an independent island state in the Caribbean owned by the local Doctor What.


Stereotypica is an Earth where a virus makes everyone act like their national stereotypes. Cured by the AH.commers at the end.

Poseidon World

An Earth similar to our own where the crew go on a nice relaxing uneventful ocean cruise (yeah, right).

Supermodels World

A planet overrun by rampaging predatory supermodel clones. The first TL we visit where chaos has been wrought by a Luakel clone.

Blind World

A TL somewhat more primitive than our own, accidentally blinded by Thande but fixed by the end (though overrun by Straha's mutant pot plants).

Nestorian World

Another bizarre TL, involving different religions and Lovecraftian monsters.

Anime World

A technologically advanced world dominated by a superpowered Japan and its culture - the USA was largely wiped out by a war.

Opposite World

A TL where the usual Fallen, such as Mike Collins, are a benevolent ruling council and world peace is threatened only by the Dark AH.commers and their Cult of Black Ian.


A world where all men were killed in a plague and is now dominated by the Lesbian Star Empire.

Post-apocalyptic Canada World

Features solely so Doc can do the end of Planet of the Apes but with the CN Tower.

TL-191 (or a reasonable approximation thereof)

Basically the same as Turtledove's TL-191, the current date being 1941.

Great North African Crusade TL

Based off MerryPrankster's real timeline of this name, featuring a Christian-controlled Tunisia and Libya but a powerful Almoravid Caliphate in Morocco.

Pirate World

The first technological-stasis planet encountered by the AH.commers, stuck in the Age of Piracy even though the states as the same as modern ones. Later they learn that this is due to ASB interference.

Singapore's TL

Timeline where Singapore is a floating orbital trade city. Infested by pirates. Home TL of Flocculencio, and also where Luakel Prime joined the ship, though we later learn it's not his home TL.

Hollywood TL

Timeline where Lovecraftian monsters broke through Hollywood and killed most of the population. The survivors are led by Professor Zoomar.

Barney's TL

Earth conquered by the super-powerful demon Barney the Dinosaur.

DMA's World

World where an alternate of DMA is God-Emperor, though this ended up not featuring in the episode much. The band made up of the crew's second stringers played a gig here.

Britishised World

World where the British were turned into stereotypical Hollywood British villains thanks to a serum devised by Thande and already affecting him and the other British or Commonwealth AH.commers.

C-Men TL

Marvel-esque timeline where alternate versions of the AH.commers are mutant superheroes.

Greater Texas TL

A MerryPrankster world featuring an enlarged independent Texas and an uber-Liberia run by an MEJ alternate.

Sheepist World

A world where Sheepism is the dominant religion, currently split by major religious wars between Orthodox Sheepism, Reformist Sheepism and Goatism.

The King's World

Timeline where many people were over-aged and killed by the malevolent effects of an evil resurrected mummy and his life-draining pyramid. Fortunately, they were saved by their charismatic leader THE KING. Twice, so far.

Hispanic Confederacy TL

Another MerryPrankster TL, this one with a CSA with a large Hispanic minority.

Hollow Earth TL

An Earth which is hollow and filled with all the best hollow-Earth clichés. Later destroyed during the ASB War.

Hispanowank TL

A timeline where the Spanish Armada conquered England and now, 200 years later, Spain is the world's sole hyperpower.

Arena World

An empty world used by Kadyet as a fighting arena for kidnapped AH.commers.

Sparta TL

A world dominated by Sparta, appearing only briefly.

First Mosaic Earth

The setting of an episode involving multiple ISOTs and confusing minor changes from one TL variation to another.

Grey World

A dystopia from a Leej episode.

The Game World

An important TL which features several times. A planet set up as a roleplaying game amusement park by E Gary Gygax. Keira's homeworld.

Female Timeline

World where a virus killed off all the men and the AH.commers are captured to provide breeding stock.

28 Exes Later TL

TL infected with a spoof of the virus from 28 Days Later.

Mordor TL

Site of the episode below

Aegean Empire TL

World dominated by Ancient Greece mentioned (but not seen) in TIN PLATED HEROES

Dave's Home TL

Origin of Dave Howery, a world where the USA is under occupation by the military forces of a tyrannical Canada and Europe.

Planet of the Luakels

A desert planet populated entirely by luakel clones, all with some kind of flaw.


Timeline where a local luakel clone has de-aged the entire population and does the same to the visiting AH.commers, all except GBW and Keira Knightley.

Edvader's Home TL

A post-nuclear war apocalyptic timeline where only a few survive in underground bunkers, such as edvader. Attacked by the CF.netters at some point in the past.

The Caladian Timeline

A near mythical timeline that was supposedly the first one to develop crosstime travel, and were rumored to have FTL travel as well. IRONYUPPIE is a descendant of a Caladian crew whose ship crashed on a primitive dinosaur-filled timeline.

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