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Weapon M

An American member of the board since the days of the Old Board. Currently no longer active.

This infantry veteran who is also a postal worker AND a member of The Michigan Militia joined the said old board to jump in on a discussion about possible capabilities of an American Resistance. He remained to guard against communist ideas like socialized medicine and “public” schools.

Has yet to write a timeline or anything significant, but isn't really guilty about that.

His favorite (not favourite) colors (not colours) are crimson and gold. He left the board after a drama involving them.

In Fiction

In The Series, Weapon M is the security chief of the ship, tends to brag about his threesomes, and the word “overkill” is not in his lexicon.

Like Diamond, he remained on the ship long after the real person's departure from the Board because people liked the character. However, in THE ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN he exited the show in a heroic sacrifice to blow up the Orbital Control Platform of the Administratum of Bankind, after learning that his Mirror counterpart 'lived long enough to become the villain'.

Weapon M also appeared as “Magya Roktonos”, father of Bulga Roktonos, in Wars Episode 2.

In Luaky Commer Part 2, he appeared as “Nearly Weaponless M” (he hates this nickname), a ghost and the equivalent of Nearly Headless Nick.

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