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Romulus Augustulus

The last Western Roman Emperor. Also a longtime (since 2004) and prolific member of the board. Is famous for writing a buttload of chat threads, including a thread about his own insanity. He's also a prolific AH poster, including a long thread about the 20th century, as well as Future history. He's also infamous for starting the Kit/Fellatio exchange which brought homoendo to new heights.

Affectionately known as 'Rommy'.

Fellatio Nelson has shown that he is really the alter-ego of Borat.

Not to be confused with Romulus Augustus, who only joined in 2013. Politics

Rommy is a member of the EVIL Party and is currently Minister of Sarcasm for, seeing as he has this down to a fine art.

In Fiction

Is an assault goon aboard the in the The Series.

Is Captain of the God Moding in Wars.

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