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Although Othniel is an American member from Utah, he is not a Mormon. His church is non-denominational, but has Anabaptist and premillenial beliefs. He is well-known on the board for his religious faith and championship of traditional values.

Othniel until recently held the position of having most posts on the Board. He has sometimes been described as a proto-luakel as he racked up a large number of posts soon after joining.

He was the first member to reach 10,000 posts on, and a former wearer of the Coronis Lupus Incanus.



  • Oth
  • “Lion of God” and similar (literal translation of the Hebrew Othniel)

Baldian Smileyology

According to Baldian Smileyology, Oth is associated with the :o smiley.

In Fiction

In The Series, Othniel stands out among the's crew members for his morals, and often attempts to destroy their drug paraphenalia and pornography. He and Straha had an odd-couple relationship, with Othniel attempting to save his soul and Straha mocking his faith and good nature. After Straha left the ship to side with Collins, and this resulted in the destruction of a planet, Oth also left the ship and dedicated himself to hunting down Straha. This he briefly succeeded in in the episode “THE MACHINE”, but Straha and Collins were put back together at the end of the episode by an unknown agency (really annoying Collins).

In Luaky Commer, Othniel fulfils the Ron Weasley role as Othniel Canada. He has occasionally objected to being given racist lines designed to mock Rowling's portrayal of the 'good guys'.

In Wars, Oth appeared as a fighter pilot and gunner.

He appears in A Pirate Novella as the ship's chaplain.

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