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Stories: Comedies

A list of comedic stories and spoofs that utilise references to board culture in their humour. The Movie by Psychomeltdown - Eventually became a pilot for the regular series. The Series by various authors The Next Generation by various authors Enterprise by various authors The Creepy Teen Years by various authors Wars by Thande

Luaky Commer series by Thande Lost by various

Back to OTL by GBW

Englishman by MrP

Dial M for Elastic by Fellatio Nelson

A Pirate Novella by Fellatio Nelson

Stories of the Regiment by Ming777

Thandiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Archives by Nekromans

I F***ing hate Grey Wolf ! by Fenwick

Snelheid by Petike / various

See Also

Casting for AH.COM-themed parodies - An old discussion thread from 2006, in which Midgard and others discussed the casting and cameo roles of AH.commers in various then-current parodies. Please do not necro this old dicussion.

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