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Chris was a long-standing British member of, originally from Edinburgh, but spent three years in Manchester/Bolton before returning to Edinburgh. He was best known for his phenomenal writing ability; Chris has been known to write 100,000-word+ novels in about a fortnight, which has earned him the nickname “The lean, mean Scottish writing machine”. Chris was also the founder of Changing The Times, which is currently run by DMA.

When he had finished a novel (which happens fairly often), he'd post a thread in the Writers' forum with a title like “OK, what next?” or similar, for the readers to decide which story to write next. At July 2007, no less than 20 of the top 30 (both longest and most read) threads in the Writers' forum were started by Chris. If things had gone on like this, he'd have 40 of 50 in 2008, 90 of 100 in 2009 and all of them in 2010. ;-)

Banned by Ian in October 2008 after detailing reasons for taking a sabbatical from the board; many of these were found offensive, especially as he had just returned from a kicking.

Not to be confused with either Chris N or Chris Oakley.

Chris is now a frequent contributor to the Alternate History Weekly Update blog. An interview with him about his works and writings can be found here.

Chris recently found success as an author when one of his novels reached #72 on Amazon's Paid Kindle list in January 2014 (#1 in Books > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Science Fiction > Military; #1 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Science Fiction > Military > Space Fleet; and #1 in Books > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Science Fiction > Space Opera).


Appearances in Fiction

Chris appeared as the captain of the Ship in the The Series episode DON'T MENTION THE PORN!.

Chris also appeared in Wars in the Admiral Motti role, and in Luaky Commer in the Bill Weasley role.

The character of Admiral Christopher Nuttall in Thande's Moonstruck was based on him.

Has a brief appearance in Doctor What's Snake Oil.


Chris tends to lean to the right politically, especially when writing about the USA, and also has a thing about toppling the Saudi regime. His books have also featured fellow writer Thande in a bewildering number of versions.


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