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A self-styled “Certified China Enthusiast” hailing from France, Hendryk’s main goal on was to spread knowledge of Chinese civilization and share its countless wonders with the Western barbarians, too many of whom still think that world history is the history of Europe and the United States. A goal that would actually stand a chance of being achieved someday if he wasn’t so damned lazy.

His timeline Superpower Empire China 1912 had earned him a 2006 Turtledove Award for Best Early Twentieth Century TL. Tales of the Superpower Empire, an ongoing spin-off series based on his TL, was also awarded Turtledove Awards for best early twentieth century historical fiction in 2007 and 2008.

He has since the emergence of homosexual marriage as a prominent societal issue taken to task those who either through ignorance or (more often) outright deceit claim that marriage is a religious rather than a civil institution. This is likely due to both his brother and sister having got married to their respective spouses in legally valid yet totally non-religious ceremonies, just like hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

His attraction to East Asian women is a matter of public record, and is as notorious in real life as online. It is rumored that he and Flocculencio have divided the world into spheres of influence based on their respective tastes in women.

He has for unknown but possibly sinister purposes covertly released clones of himself, the Hendryklones, into the world. Reliable witnesses such as Thande and Doctor What have testified to seeing them in random locations.

Hendryk is French, but doesn’t make a big deal out of it, reasoning that none of us chose the country we were born in, so any pride about it is unwarranted.

Having taken a long, hard look at Abrahamic monotheism, a religious tradition he himself grew up in, he has found it wanting in terms of spiritual fulfilment and plain intellectual coherence. This made him an outspoken debater on religious issues, until he got banned, and as a condition of his reinstatement, agreed to no longer post in the Chat forum.

Hendryk has like other members of become engrossed with tv_tropes upon discovering said website, and contributes to it as Cao Cao.

He was banned for the second time during the Pony Wars, which also resulted in the demotion of Doctor What and the (eventually reversed) banning of kilngirl. His abundant knowledge in Chinese history was missed, though his hypocrisy, arrogance and trolling weren't.

Notable works

  • The Chinese Discover America in 1435. An early TL left unfinished.

Claims to Fame

a.) Laws and theorems

The Citroen DS Incident

The Sliding Scale of Alternate History Plausibility

Hendryk's Law, also referred to as Hendryk's Corollary to Godwin's Law, states that, as an online discussion progresses, the probability of someone mentioning George W. Bush approaches one.

The Laputa Syndrome, after the eponymous flying island in Gulliver's Travels, is defined as the idea that one part of an interdependent system may be immune from changes affecting the system as a whole. More specifically, it refers to the idea that the First World, or at least its middle and upper classes, will be able to go through global climate change without a drop in their standards of living.

The Flocculencio-Hendryk Theorem of Comparative Praxis, elaborated, as its name implies, in cooperation with fellow scholar Flocculencio, explains why the Indian and Chinese worlds have reacted differently to the infusion of Western thought systems, specifically Christianity and Communism. In a nutshell, the theorem states that Indians are focused on metaphysical debate, and when faced with a given thought system, will be too busy intellectually picking it apart to do anything much with it. The Chinese, on the other hand, are focused on practical application, and will earnestly try to implement it with ruthless efficiency. As a consequence, while both Christianity and Communism have found safe and harmless niches in Indian culture, in China both have resulted in catastrophic outcomes and high body counts. This is one of the reasons why one should be extremely wary of any progress by fundamentalist Christianity in present-day Confucian societies, whether that of China, Korea or Singapore.

b.) Causes championed

  • Chinese hegemony
  • East Asian women
  • Taiwanese betelnut salesgirls
  • A world with a smaller or ideally absent Abrahamic monotheist influence
  • Social-democracy and assorted fuzzy moderately left-wing causes
  • The right for Americans to benefit from universal health care
  • The right for homosexuals to get married just like the rest of us
  • A fair international order based on the rule of law rather than brute force
  • European integration

Membership in Societies

A founding member of the Church of Whatianity, he has been elevated by His Holiness Doctor What a.k.a. The Risen One, The Good Doctor, etc. to the position of Archbishop.

At the invitation of its founder Sargon, he has been nominated Vice-President of the Royal and Imperial Society for the Appreciation of Asian Culture & History (RISAACH).

He is also the founder of SEGA, the Society for the Eradication of the Grocer's Apostrophe. Peerage

Hendryk has received a Chinese peerage in the rank of a Hou of Nanjing, being the Capital of China in his Superpower Timeline, as which he will be equal to all Margraves, Landgraves, Marquis, Emirs and Rahjas of the Realm, on the grounds of his longstanding and longknown association with all things Chinese and the on the grounds of the Chinese Peerage Crisis as has been discussed in the Parliament of the Imperial Republic of He also holds the title of Archclone.

In Fiction

Played in The Movie as the ruler of China.

Recurring character in The Series, in which he is a crew member of the transdimensional ship MES AH.Com. Ostensibly the ship's quartermaster, his actual duties are unclear, but seem to mostly involve toadying to Doctor What.

Part of the cast in Doctor What's Extinction Event, in which he appears under his real name. His love interest in the story also happens to be a former real-life girlfriend of his.

Appeared in Dial M for Elastic as a French warlord in China, assisted by two beautiful concubines from French Indochina called Phuc Mi and Phuc Yu.

Sourcebook Stats

Class: Sinophile

Alignment: That which maintains Equilibrium Under Heaven

Skill bonuses and penalties: Frenchman: -2 con vs Germans; +2 con vs all other Western Europeans (except when led by Wellington), Sinophile: +4 charm vs Oriental Women, Atheist: +4 vs Rome, +3 vs Protestants/Orthodox

Special Ability: Yellow Peril: May summon 1 million Chinese 1x/Month

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