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Note the two e in the name.

Veteran member of the board, having been on since the days of the Old Board.


He has written several timelines, both on the Old Board and New Board.

Old board

La Serenissima Eterna - As he in the end titled it, but most commonly known as “Mustafa the Pretender TL”. It won the Best 1400-1700 Timeline category at the 2005 Turtledove Awards.

New Board

Prince of Peace

Answers for Milinda - Unfinished.

Perpetual Brightness - Currently on hiatus.

Holding Out for a Hero : Gustav Stresemann Survives

These newer three TLs were/are done in story format, something with which he himself causes several problems.

Claims to Fame

On the board Faeelin is best known for his altogether too dry sense of humour and too much sarcasm, something that already has often led him into trouble when people did not notice he was not serious. It does not help, either, that he usually responds in very short, abrasive posts. While he is a gaysexualist, he does not partake in homoendo, but instead usually banters jokes with and at the expense of Abdul Hadi Pasha.

Also a board expert on all things Chinese, along with Hendryk.

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